What tour organizers and tour members say about ChinaPlus Tours
Dear Ping and Chris:

I have had the pleasure to traveling with you 3 different times, once to China, once to China and Tibet and now to SE Asia. Why ChinaPlus?? The reasons are numerous: 1)
you both are from Asia and know the destinations and the travel resources necessary to make each tour special; 2) you have both lived in the US for many years and know
what Americans want and demand when it comes to hotels, meals and knowledgeable guides; 3) one of you always accompanies the group and handles all the details and
ANY inconvenience or problems that may arise. It has truly been a privilege to travel with each of you; 4) your prices is very competitive and inclusive. It never ceases to
amaze me how much below the competition you are.  

Personally, I would not even consider visiting this area of the world with anyone but ChinaPlus.
Again, thank you to both of you for providing me with such amazing travel experiences to share with our club members.


Joan Gibson
Dubuque, IA
Dear Chris & Ping,

Our recent trip to China and Hong Kong with you was certainly a trip of a lifetime our club. Thank you for your considerable efforts towards such a successful venture.
From the moment we booked the trip to our arrival home, you both were efficient, patient, professional and gracious.
Having Chris along was certainly a bonus. His special touches and additions to the commentary were invaluable. The hotels were also outstanding and the meals delicious.
Attractions were well-paced and well-selected.  We would recommend your company to everyone who desires to travel to Asia, and we look forward to plan another
journey with you in the near future.


Suzie Glisson
Jacksonville, IL
Dear Chris & Ping:

The 15 Day China Highlights plus Yangtze River Cruise was absolutely wonderful. The 5-star hotels, the best guides in each city and the Yangtze River were all great
experiences. The luggage and boarding passes were all pre-arranged for us prior to arriving at each airport. All we had to do when we arrived at each airport was go through
security and on to our boarding gate to board the plane. It was awesome! In rating this trip, I would have to say that it was definitely a 10-10 being the highest score. I will
look forward to scheduling another trip with ChinaPlus in near future.


Susan Evenson
Gillette, WY
Dear Chris & Ping,

Thank you both again for the wonderful trip to China! I’ve been a club director for 9 years and this trip was one of my all time favorites! Everything about the tour was
fabulous from the hotels, the food, the local guides, the drivers, the motorcoaches, and the sightseeing attractions. We enjoyed having Chris on the trip with us with his
commentary on China, his sense of humor and Tai Chi lessons! I would like to commend Ping for your great organizational skills. You are very efficient and detailed oriented
and was very easy working with. Thank you both again for the help in making wonderful memories of our China adventure for our club.


Cindy Blaine
Traer, IA
I recently had the privilege of traveling with Chris Lee, owner of ChinaPlus Tours for my “Premier Club” 21 day tour of China and Tibet; and I would highly recommend
them for any group travel. Chris brought his passion for the destination, love of travel, dedication of details and excellence in service to our tour. The Travel experience Chris
and ChinaPlus delivered to my club members made our tour a journey of a live time! The personal service, flexibility and positive response to the unique demands of my
travel program will keep me coming back to ChinaPlus.


Valerie Kelsey
Burley, ID
Dear Chris & Ping,

Thank you for organizing and hosting our fabulous trip to China! As I am following up with our customers, they can’t believe how much we were able to experience during
our 18 day trip and they continue to comment on what a value the price was for the extensiveness of the trip. All of the included activities were terrific, the food was great,
guides were outstanding, the hotels were superior and having Chris along the trip was remarkable. His ability to explain Chinese culture and compare and contrast it with life
in the US really added so much to the tour. To sum it all up...We LOVED our trip!


Jessica Humble
Lanmark, MO
Dear Chris & Ping

We just completed our second China trip with you. Our clients are well traveled and many say their tour of China with ChinaPlus is the best trip they have ever taken. The
trip was very inclusive and outstanding value. We would not want to see China without Chris or Ping who spoke the language and actually lived in China for years. Chris and
the guides made us feel comfortable at all times. We highly recommend a trip to Asia with ChinaPlus. You would be hard pressed to find a better trip and you won’t find a
better tour company. Chris and ChinaPlus are the best!


Todd and Rhonda Moss
Sioux Center, IA
Chris & Ping,

Wow! Our trip to China exceeded all expectations. You proved the value of using a company that specializes in one area of the world and focuses their tour programs around
the product they know best.  Start to finish our recent trip with you was over the top with perfect planning, lovely hotels and delicious food. Many thanks to you and Ping
for the detailed planning and execution and all of the extras that made the tour so great! I look forward to working with you on SE Asia for 2015,

Best regards,

Terree Warren
Kearney, NE
Dear Chris & Ping,

Thank you for our 2012 Memory Makers trip to China. This was one of our most favorite trips. It was quite adventure with so much rich history and culture to learn about.
ChinaPlus does a great job in handling all of the details and making sure everything is handled efficiently and smoothly. I look forward to visiting and exploring more of China
someday with our Memory Makers group.

Thank you for an amazing adventure in China.

Kathleen Scego
Owensville, MO
Chris & Ping,

I am writing to tell you this was absolutely one of our top trips we have ever taken! Every day was another WOW!  Chris, who was with us on the trip, was a wealth of
knowledge! He made the trip fun and he took great care of everyone. I would definitely recommend ChinaPlus to anyone for a China trip!


Sandra McCmob
Glenwood, IA
I have put together four groups of friends to visit China since 1999, most recently in May, 2012. I have worked with Chris Lee and ChinaPlus each time. I have never been
disappointed. His choice of hotels is fantastic--almost all have been rated 5-stars by the Chinese government on the 5-star scale. He has always arranged for superior city
guides-- all with great experience and very good English language skills. ChinaPlus itineraries are comprehensive though often somewhat arduous; though that is what most
clients want. For many this may be their only visit to China and they want to make the most of it. My groups have never had a serious problem with flights or Yangtze cruise
arrangements. Chris Lee has consistently provided more than promised, not less.
I am a retired university professor and vice president and have taught, consulted, and studied China for a long time. I have visited this ever-changing and fascinating country
over 25 times and can be very critical of the quality of content or travel arrangements. Clients can depend on ChinaPlus, their guides and arrangements for integrity, honesty
and quality.
I am consistently impressed with the value given by ChinaPlus. They provide a first class quality tour experience for a modest cost.
Wonderful itineraries, superb accommodations, great guides and good value--if China is on your touring radar, give ChinaPlus a good look.I am happy to give a personal
assessment to anyone interested.

Dr. Walter “Joe” Shaw
Littleton, CO

In May, we visited China with ChinaPlus on their Grand China Tour with Tibet & Yangtze River plus Hong Kong.   As we approached the trip we had several concerns.  We
had traveled with tour groups before but had never used a small company. Our concerns were totally unfounded  as we had a phenomenal time.  We were amazed at Chris’
attention to detail and how his goal was to make the trip outstanding in every way.  He added a very personal touch which gave us a wonderful understanding of life in China
and the culture.  We were so pleased with the way all our needs were taken care of.  Chris was sensitive to any personal issues that came up and was willing to accommodate
any requests we may have had that were not included in the itinerary.  His flexibility made things so enjoyable.  Our accommodations were top notch and our local guides
were all wonderful.  Our trip was everything we had hoped for and so much more.  Thank you Ping & Chris for making this experience one we will never forget.  

Linda & Howard Feldmesser
Columbia, MD

The great Gobi desert, the oasis of Turpan with its remarkable canal system, the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang, and the unforgettable drive along Ynnan-Tibet highway to the
mythical Shangri-la .   Most of all I wanted to experience the minority peoples, to walk in the street market, the only westerner in sight, and shop in the Grand Bazaar in
Kashgar.  To join in with hundreds of local people of many minority backgrounds in the early morning at People's Square in Urumqi to move to the wonderful almost ballet
Tai Chi.  I have traveled in almost every country in Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  Never have I found a people as open and friendly as the Chinese. The
Silk Road & Shangri-La tour will remain one of the most significant experiences of my life.

Clayton Burgess
South Glens Falls, NY

Our recent trip to China was a wonderful experience.  It was all that you promised and more.  We loved the fact that you accompanied our group and were available at any
time to assist us. You took care of all the details so we could enjoy the unique sights and sounds of China. The accommodations  were  excellent and the choice of sites was
flawless.  We have always wanted to see the Great Wall and there we were hiking across an endless fortification. The Terra Cotta Warriors were fascinating and carefully
explained by our private guide, a history major! The cruise to the Three Gorges Dam was relaxing while we floated past beautiful scenery and ended up with a tour of the dam
itself.  An engineering marvel. We appreciated how you covered all the details from visas to airline tickets. We thought the trip was an excellent value for our limited travel
dollar. We would recommend your program to anyone. Thank you for a wonderful trip. We are seasoned travelers and consider this trip the the best trip we have ever

Jane and Stew Wester
Fairview, TX

who had completed a semester of study at Nanjing Normal University.  ChinaPlus did an excellent job of meeting our particular needs in organizing our travel plans. We were
given personalized attention and guidance in planning the days with our daughter prior to starting our tour.  Excellent suggestions were made regarding a tour that would be
most suitable to winter weather conditions and activities were added that individualized our trip.  The tour guides that met us in each destination were prompt, friendly, and
knowledgeable. They made certain that we were comfortable from the time we were picked up at the airport to the time we left each city. The hotels were superb and
provided breakfast each morning that included a wide array of choices.  We enjoyed the special dinners and activities scheduled in the evenings and felt that we had just the
right amount of free time. I would recommend ChinaPlus Tours without reservation to anyone planning a trip to China. Our family had never been on an international trip
together and the care ChinaPlus gave to us made the trip more enjoyable and worry-free.


Margaret Voge
Tucson, Arizona

My wife and I have taken four trips with Ping Lee and ChinaPlus Tours.  That alone indicates our immense satisfaction with the company, guides, programs and
arrangements.  About 67% of those on our first tour traveled together on a second trip.

Ping has been wonderful.  Her cheerful approach relaxes the small group quickly uniting it into a team.  Ping and her husband Chris are originally from China and have lived in
U.S. over 20 years.  They posses an excellent network of Chris) stays with the group throughout the tour providing value-added when changes need to be made, someone
becomes ill, or other problems arise.  They make great efforts assuring all goes well and everyone has a worthwhile experience.  Luggage is usually handled and taken directly
to the airport, a great convenience.

Larry Flexer
North Hollywood, CA

Dear Ping and Chris:

Having just completed our trip to China with you I thought it would be an opportune time to send along some comments on our experience with ChinaPlus. As you are well
aware this is our second time touring with you, the first being our trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. We were just as pleased with our experience on this trip as with
our previous adventure. Ping, I think you run an excellent trip with much forethought as to what will please your clients. The tours are well structured, yet leave room for
some very nice innovation along the way. I am quite impressed about the fact that you deal with such reliable people in each of the venues we visited. Local city guides and
buses are always in place and on time for each of our destinations. You are always checking ahead and keeping the group well informed of all upcoming events. You take a
very personal approach to touring trying to get to know your clients and acceding to their wishes. We much appreciated the little anniversary celebration during the China
trip. I have nothing but the highest praise as to how you and Chris run your company and I would highly recommend your group to anyone wishing to visit any of the venues
you cover. Wishing you continued good success in all your ventures.

Best regards.

Robert C. Berman D.D.S
Cerritos, CA

Dear Chris

Thank you so much for making this trip such a memorable one for both of us. We have traveled the world for forty years and have found you to be one of the most
outstanding tour directors we have ever met. You have taken such good care of our group and your efforts to provide a wonderful experience for us all have been most
appreciated. Your willingness to share your expertise and experiences with us has added a very meaningful dimension to the trip. We will look forward to joining you again on
another adventure!

Mary and Kathryn
San Marcos, CA

Dear Chris and Ping

I wanted to thanks you both for arranging such a fantastic family vacation. China Plus Tours exceeded our expectations. It is quite clear that your company can easily
accommodate both young and those who are young at heart! All of our local tour guides were knowledgeable and friendly. The trip logistics were incredible. We were taken
care of at every airport, making travel a breeze. The itinerary was amazing and the accommodations were wonderful. Both of our teenagers are attending universities away
form home, so we really enjoyed the three weeks that we had, discovering the wonders of China together. I would absolutely recommend China Plus Tours to any family
seeking a safe, adventurous, exotic vacation.

Gail Nield
Toronto, Ontario
Dear Ping and Chris,

went on a private tour for our 40th wedding anniversary and had a wonderful time. China is a must see for anyone who wants to understand how that part of the world works.
“Relax, you will be well taken care of.” Ping said to us more than once. She was right.  The local guides picked us up just outside of baggage claim, made sure we were safely
checked into the hotel, understood the upcoming agenda, checked us into the next flight, and didn't say goodbye until we were through security and headed toward our
departing gate.  All flight information is in both Chinese and English. We also had a contact list of people in every location we could call if there was a problem. Private tours
offer the advantage of personalized insight into the lives and customs of the local people.  For example, in Lhasa we visited the farm house of our driver's sister. We had hot
Yak butter tea with his two great aunts who were very pleased to show us their lifestyle.  When I showed them their pictures on my camera, it was obvious that they didn't
get their pictures take too often. Those kind of memories would probably be lost in a large tour group. Another advantage of a private tour is you have the guide's undivided
attention. All of your questions will be answered. If you want to spend more time at a location, such as the Shanghai Museum, just ask. If you want to skip something, such
as the zoo in Chongqing to see Panda Bears, just say so. (We spent a whole day at the Panda Breeding and Research Center in Chengdu). We saw and did everything that the
group tour did except we did it at our own pace. We even did a few more things because we had more time. It was also reassuring to learn from the guides that Chris had
contacted their office the day before to make sure everything was in order for our arrival. China Plus really was making sure we were all right every step of the way. There are
a lot of China tour companies out there, but China Plus came highly recommended and we were not disappointed.  Personalized service, great agenda, first class
accommodation, knowledgeable local guides, and reasonably priced – that's China Plus!!

Stan and Jan Denoo
Fairplay, Colorado

Words cannot express my appreciation for the wonderful care you took of our group on our recent trip to China. I had always heard how attentive your company is and
how excellent your service is, but after experiencing it first hand, it’s even more than I expected. It was fabulous! My customers all remarked that the trip was such a great
value and went way beyond their expectations.

Chris, having you along to travel with us was an extra bonus. I know you were always one step ahead to make sure everything was orchestrated perfectly and it was. We
could tell that all the people you deal with have great respect for you as a travel professional and your influence made everything work with no problems. It was wonderful
to travel someone who personally knows the land and its culture, speaks the language and knows the people What a bonus that is!

You and Ping have the most well organized and upscale trip to China that I have seen and I am so please we had the chance to travel to China with you.

Debbie Estey
PC Bees Club Director
Rolla, MO

Eclipse of August, 2009. I contacted several tour companies and ChinaPlus was the only one willing to adjust our itinerary so that we could be in our chosen location at the
time of the eclipse. We had two buses in order to keep the groups smaller. Chris and Ping Lee went out of their way to make sure that every detail was in place. Having
organized many trips in the past, I can really appreciate the huge amount of work it took to accommodate our group. There was virtually no waiting around when we
reached each new destination. Our new room keys were handed to us and our luggage was waiting in our rooms. The hotels were wonderful. The guides in each city were top
notch. The buses were in great condition with good drivers. The food was good and served quickly. The Lee’s extensive experience and Chinese contacts made all the
difference. I wouldn’t consider any other company for a trip to China.

David Moser
Owner of Moser Travel
Tucson, AZ
Our group has just returned from an 18 day tour of China arranged by ChinaPlus Tours. As the group’s trip organizer, I found the overall quality of accommodations,
sightseeing experiences were superior to those I had experienced on several trips to China that I helped arrange for groups of executives in recent years. The overall quality
of included meals and local guides was also equivalent and in some cases better than I had experienced during my previous travel with those groups. ChinaPlus was
exceptionally easy to work with during the months of planning and execution prior to the trip itself. One of the joys of working with ChinaPLus is that its modest size
permits flexibility to add a few special features to its standard itinerary in advance as well as during the trip itself. Overall, our tour was very comprehensive. From the
historical locales in Beijing and Xian as well as urban splendors of Chongqing, Shanghai and Hong Kong to the scenic beauties of Suzhou, the Three Gorges and Guilin, we
experienced it all during informative bus rides and boat trips as well as at colorful entertainment events on selected evenings. All of us strongly endorse ChinaPlus and will
recommend it to our friends and family. From a quality and value standpoint, it can’t be beat!

Dr. James D. Goodnow
Vice President and Director of Travel
Robson Ranch Road Runners, TX
Dear Chris and Ping,

Thank you so much for a journey of a lifetime!! My fellow travelers keep telling me that this trip was one in which they “got their money’s worth and then some”. Wow! It
was so easy to work with you on this trip from the very beginning. I appreciate your attention to details and the prompt response every time I emailed you with all my
questions. Everything on the trip was spectacular …. The deluxe hotels, choice of restaurants, meals, local guides, attractions and general itinerary.
This is truly a trip that we will never forget because you are a specialist. I fully agree that “ChinaPlus adds a PLUS to China”. I look forward to our next adventure together.

Ann Snow
Searcy, AR
Thank you so much for the fabulous experience in China. My customers are still astounded by the cultural and educational experience they had during their 15 days in
China. Not many companies send their owners along on a tour to make sure everything runs smoothly. Chris’s passion for his heritage and the country he grew up in could
not be replaced by anyone. The step-on-guides you hired were the best!

Your pre-planning customer service was up and above the industry standards. You were always prompt in returning my messages and answering my questions.

Jane M. Pugh
Yankton, SD

I want to thank you for our wonderful China trip! My people are all talking about what a great trip it was. I know how much work it must be for you to put that trip
together. It was so seamless. Everything worked like clockwork and you made it look easy. I have been traveling with groups for 19 years and I consider this China trip one
of the best, if not the best trip I have ever done. It was a trip of a lifetime and I am confident that no one could have done it better than ChinaPlus.

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience!

Donna Adams
Wichita Falls, TX
Dear Chris,

We at  EXTRA TOUGH TOURS want to sincerely thank you for a trip of a life time to China. As tour leaders we are so pleased to hear many of our well traveled clients
day it was the best tour they have ever taken. Everything exceeded our expectations.

The tours was well arranged, very organized and it included so many fun and exciting extras. This tour was designed with great attention to the interest and needs of
American Travelers.

Wilfred & Harriet Cleveringa
Extra Touch Tours
Sioux Center, IA
Dear Chris and Ping,

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience for our Grand Travelers on our recent China tour. From the time I contacted ChinaPlus about doing the tour, I appreciated
the immediate answers and explanations. This attention continued as our tour group grew to 72. The hotels that we used, the choice of restaurants for our meals, the quality
of the attractions were quite superior to the properties I had visited on a China FAM with another large tour company. I would especially like to thank you, Ping, for going
above and beyond. I realized that traveling with the owner of the company certainly has its advantage. The Lee’s are quite connected and their tour groups receive VIP
treatment. My most particular travelers came back reporting it was a good value for an excellent tour. I cannot say enough about our wonderful trip. I look forward to our
next adventure together.

Patti Anderson
Good to go Tours
Grove, OK
In our minds, ChinaPlus is the only company with whom to travel. We have investigated numbers of companies and even made spreadsheets on what companies offered.
ChinaPlus comes out on top on every criterion. First, we like and appreciate the fact that the owners, Chris and Ping Lee, handle all the travel arrangements themselves.
They answer within a day of inquiries about their trips. They control the number of people in a group so that it is not so large that every day is taken up getting onto and
off the bus. They make certain that you have the answers to every single question you could possibly ask before you leave on the trip. Their contacts in China are
unbelievable because they both were born, raised and educated in China, and because they have been in the travel business to China for a long time. So they are able to plan
trips and events that others do not necessarily know about. They take a very personal interest in helping you make plans to visit the places you want to see.
The knowledge the Lees bring to their business because of their background is unique and one of the things that makes them tops in our minds. In addition, there are many
people who travel with them and then return to take their next trip to China with them. Repeat travelers probably are the best indication of their caring, planning and
carrying out their trips. Since the Lees have been in this country, they have become astute observers of American behavior. They take all of our little idiosyncrasies into
account as they plan tours and during the tours themselves. Again, their contacts provide the travelers with the best guides available on every China route (we did travel
with another company before we found ChinaPlus). China is what they know and what they do. The extra special touches set them far above the others.

Most sincerely,

Barbara and Henry Ewbank
Tucson, AZ

We wanted to let you know again how much we enjoyed your "Silk Road" trip in July 1999.  It was with out question the most interesting trip we have ever made;  I believe
we said the same thing last year after the Yangtze River trip with you last year.  Your Chinese trips are exceptionally well planned and carried out; we never have to worry
about where to stay or eat, you always provide the best.

Thank you again.

Mary Love & John Wear

Charlie and I want to thank you for the wonderful trip that we experienced with you in China. We were able to experience so many of the major sites in such a short time due
to your skill and knowledge of how to travel in China. The way that you involved local guides in each location and arranged for us to meet local families really personalized
the adventure. We also appreciated the fact that you allowed time for us to do our own thing at points during the trip. Everyone was warm and friendly and made us feel
very comfortable. We learned so much more that we could have ever read in a book. You were the perfect ambassador to China for us. We will be forever grateful.

Warm Regards,

Dana and Charlie Outlaw

Dear Chris and Ping,

Joe Xu was excellent tour director. He is knowledgeable, helpful, very pleasant and clearly knew what he was doing. – a very pleasant person we could not have asked for
better! ChinaPlus is a class act – one for other tour companies to use as a model. One of the much strength is the small size of the group which contributed a lot to the
enjoyment of the trip. As a ChinaPlus group, we got great treatment everywhere we went. Thanks again for making this trip “ a trip of a lifetime” for us.

Bruce, Barbara and Scott McCraken
Wolfeboro, NH
Dear Chris and Ping,

I was impressed from the very beginning of planning this trip with you because of your willingness to answer questions by email as soon as I asked them.  This is something
that simply doesn't happen with other tour companies. Ping was absolutely amazing.  Always cheerful and friendly while carrying out the difficult task of handling the
logistics of such a long tour and providing for our comfort in every way while doing so.  I have to say bravo over and over.  She managed to combine "being in charge" with a
relaxed friendliness that I've never seen a tour director do before and she did it with charm and grace. I have been traveling for 25 years and I can truthfully say I have never
been so impressed by a tour experience.  Everything exceeded my expectations - hotels, food, guides, sites visited, included entertainment, the ship used for the wonderful
cruise - everything was far better then promised.

Janelle Johnson
Fort Worth, Texas
I would highly recommend ChinaPlus for a tour company. I was always impressed with the quick response from ChinaPlus and their willingness to accommodate
our needs. We also selected ChinaPlus since Ping and her husband grew up in China. That brings a unique perspective and good connections. Ping was always willing to
answer questions about history (modern) and share her personal experiences during the tour. Hotels and food were great, well inspected and
clean. The local guides were all professional and residents of the area. This gave us a unique perspective in each area. I would not hesitate to travel with them and would
recommend them to anyone.


Julie Huff
Spotsylvania, VA
Dear Ping,

I wanted to write to tell you how much we enjoyed our visit to China with you. We have been telling everyone we know to drop all other plans for travel and put China on
the top of their list, but ONLY if they go with China Plus! We have gotten together with the friends who were on the Tauck Tour group as well as the ones on the
Abercrombie & Kent Tour. Despite their fancy hotels, their trip didn't come close to matching the experiences we had. Our tour was less that half the price of those, and the
itineraries were almost identical. We think our tour included many more unique experiences. You were so right about their Yangtze River boat: it may have had nice hardware
(though they didn't even have balconies!), but it sure didn't have good "software!" They didn't even have lectures or river commentaries like we did!
But the one thing I keep emphasizing to everyone was the fact that you were so competent and caring. You truly made the trip extraordinary. Thank you for helping us to
appreciate and enjoy your wonderful country. It was so special -- because you were!

With fond regards,

Lois & David Sacks

We had a fabulous time. I can't say enough about the tour. It ran beautifully and whatever little blips there were YOU took care of them and we didn't even know a thing...
Thank you for making this trip so memorable. We have been talking non-stop to our friends (the ones that didn't get to go to China) about China Plus. Seeing the trip so
much more. It was just wonderful. Again many, many thanks for our wonderful time in China and most of all for being you.


Phyllis and Gerry Krinsky
Temecula, CA
Dear Chris,

We have taken many tours in various parts of the world, but your tour to China is tops on our list for being one the most memorable experiences of our travels.  We would
recommend you to anyone who is interested in a first-rate tour of China.  You deep insight into your native country adds the PLUS to CHINA. Thank you for your kind
attention, your patients, helpfulness and your desire to give your clients the best there is to offer in seeing and understanding China.  You are a superb tour director.
Your friends and fellow travelers,

James and Naomi Emmel
Oklahoma City, OK
Dear Chris and Ping,

Yes we enjoyed this trip immensely as did our entire group.  Although we had been to China about 3 years ago, and also traveling with a small group, we feel that this was a
much superior experience.  And even though there was some over lap with our previous visit, we feel that this visit provided us with a much deeper and more valuable
understanding of the history and culture than have our previous trips.  Part of this was due to the individual sites and part was due to the knowledgeable, humorous, and very
competent local tour guides. The planning and selection of sites and hotels was certainly a major ingredient and contributor to this very successful trip.  All of the hotels were
excellent and exceeded our expectations.

Dolores C Muga & Bruce J. Muga
Grand Saline, Texas
Dear Ping,

The trip was very well planned. We saw many important sights in China and we had a chance to see the country side.  One of the best things about China Plus is that you
and Chris where born and raised there, and that Chris has valuable experience in the tourism business before he came to the United States.  He knows all the best local guides
and understands how the Chinese tourist system works.  Also, the fact that you live and do business in the U.S. has given you an understanding of Americans and what they
want when they travel to a country like China.

Molly and John Scully

I spent much time reviewing most of the tour groups in my price range.  As soon as I got the package of information from ChinaPlus, I knew they were the one.  Our Guide
was Mr. Chris Lee, owner of the agency and formally from China where he had been a tour guide for the government.  The priced seemed almost too good for what we would

Thank you.

Debe Nichols
Carrollton, TX
Dear Chris and Ping,

I am writing to let you know how my family feels about the ChinaPlus trip that we recently completed. As I told Ping on the phone, we absolutely loved it! It was without doubt the most interesting, and the most enjoyable,
vacation my family has ever taken. Everything on the trip went perfectly: the buses were always there on time, the hotels and restaurants expected us, there was not a single glitch in the whole schedule. Having everything go
according to schedule and plan was nice, but it wouldn't have helped if the plans were not so thoughtful in the first place. The accommodations were extraordinary! We actually do not understand how ChinaPlus can arrange for these
deluxe hotels and still have such moderate prices, but however you manage, they really added to the enjoyment of the trip. We and others in our group occasionally spoke with travelers from other groups, and they were paying more
for hotels that were not nearly as nice and meals they did not enjoy as much as we did ours.

We can see that the personality and ability of the guide that ChinaPlus chooses will make an enormous difference in any tour like this. You could not possibly pick a better guide than Liu Dianzhong. He is extremely knowledgeable
about the sites, history, and the sorts of things that Americans tend to be interested in. His English is virtually flawless. Best of all, he is a very kind, thoughtful, and decent man. He is dignified but not at all stuffy or remote. Liu
provided intelligent and interesting answers to our questions, and taught us a lot not just about the sites we visited but about Chinese history, culture, economics, customs, etc. He spent considerable time with our kids discussing
language, art, etc. -- but then, he spent time with each of us, answering questions but also letting us learn about his own life and life in China generally. Everyone in our group felt that Liu was a very special person and that we were
fortunate to have him as our guide

ChinaPlus was, for us, extremely professional and competent and reliable. You took care of all of the details of a trip that could be intimidating to Americans (or anyone else), without in any way keeping us from doing what we
wanted to do or imposing unwelcome distractions. Your choices were uniformly excellent. Your close attention to detail removed the sources of aggravation and friction that can spoil even an otherwise good vacation.

Thanks for a wonderful vacation!

Doug Colton
Washington, D.C.

We had a wonderful time on our China recent trip. Tour B gave a very good overview of China. Our experience of the tour was nearly exactly as outlined in the brochure and itinerary. We appreciated the attention to detail and the
diversity of experiences offered. Joe Xu was a masterful choice for our Tour Director. After the great itinerary, he was the main reason we had such a good time on our tour. He was always available and smiling. He had answers for
all of our wide ranging questions. He made everything run smoothly and on time.

James and Marcia Watts

Mesquite, TX

We had a wonderful time on our China recent trip. Tour B gave a very good overview of China. Our experience of the tour was nearly exactly as outlined in the brochure and itinerary. We appreciated the attention to detail and the
diversity of experiences offered. Joe Xu was a masterful choice for our Tour Director. After the great itinerary, he was the main reason we had such a good time on our tour. He was always available and smiling. He had answers for
all of our wide ranging questions. He made everything run smoothly and on time.

James and Marcia Watts

Mesquite, TX

Dear Chris and Ping,
Mary Anne and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip with China Plus (China Highlights plus Yangtze River Cruise). It was very reassuring to have Chris, with his wealth of knowledge and China connections, accompanying us for the trip.
And the local tour guides were all very personable and knowledgeable. We especially enjoyed the extemporaneous side trips: the walk along the canal in Su Zhou, the stop in the village outside of Xian with
the visit to the doctor's office and the elementary school. Our enjoyment was further enhanced by the small size of the tour and the congeniality of the other couples in the tour.

My best regards,

Ray Owens

San Antonio, TX

We very much enjoyed the ChinaPlus tour and will use your company again for Asian travel as well as recommend it to our friends. We had been looking at the OAT tour but are very glad that we opted for the ChinaPlus version. I
think we got more for our money. I will be bragging to all our friends and will certainly recommend you and life story. It was very touching.

Wishing you well in business and pleasure,

Kay and Joel Burleson
Fair Oak Ranch, TX

Dear Ping,

Thank you, thank you for a memorial experience.  It couldn't have been better.  I'm urging all I encounter to 2003 so as to see the Three Lesser Gorges before the new dam raise the water level; and (3) most important, go with
ChinaPlus.  They'll be glad they did.

Craig Wilnor

Dear Ping,

Joe and I feel like we owe you a big thank you for the fantastic journey to China.  Every time I learned the details about the other tours, I felt so good I was traveling with ChinaPlus.  The way we were taken care of was superior in
so many ways and I am convinced that your tours are the best value anywhere.  Chen was a fantastic guide, he made everyone feel relaxed by responding to each person, in an individual and attentive.

Best Always,

Amity Ludders and Joe Norman
Seattle, WA

Dear Chris,

I am 57 years old and have traveled extensively for 30 years.  This is the first time I have written a letter expressing what was a tremendous first class trip throughout our two and a half weeks in China. I have never found a tour
company like ChinaPlus who was so organized down to the very last detail.  The food and restaurants we where taken to where outstanding.  The hotels and entertainment where superb.  

ChinaPlus far exceeds its advertising.  It was wonderful!

Linda M. Austin
Ft. Worth, TX

Dear Chris,

During the trip I took an informal poll and asked most of the other tour members what made them choose China Plus.  Almost everyone said it was the "value".  While it is unquestioned that you lived up to that promise, I think it
was the service that was even more extraordinary.  It was your trip direction that made my
I wish you and Ping continued success,

Holly Izbicki
Bloomfield, MI

Our trip to China was the best tour we have ever taken. Clearly, ChinaPlus was a superior choice as a tour group and Chris Lee was a most outstanding tour director. The local tour guides were also excellent.

The lodging we had was the most luxurious we have ever had anywhere in the world. We also enjoyed a great variety and abundance of excellent food. The sights were numerous, extraordinarily magnificent, beautiful and impressive;
much more majestic in reality than we had ever imagined.

Ila and Fred Hornstra
Yankon, SD

Dear Ping and Chris,

On behalf of our 29 AmeriClub travelers to China, thank you for your wonderful efforts in providing a quality, memorable, trip-of-a-lifetime experience for us.

Your attention to organization and detail is remarkable. All components of our 15-day tour were exceptional. Many times I heard the comments by our travelers that "this trip
exceeded my expectations."

Because you lived in both China and the United States, you understand both cultures and can therefore very successfully design travel opportunities that appeal to the
American travelers while exposing us to unique aspects of Chinese life.

I would highly recommend ChinaPlus to anyone considering traveling to China and Southeast Asia. Your company has earned a fine reputation for its service level,
professionalism, and quality product.

Julia Terwilleger
Dubuque, IA

Dear Chris and Ping,

I want to thank you for an amazing adventure to China. I have to say this adventure went way above my travelers' and my expectations! Several who have traveled all over the
world said this adventure is now at the top of their list of destinations they have traveled! You are the very best at both planning and excuting a fantastic adventure.

You are both efficient and easy to work with from your organizational skills to your attention to details. I believe you have a special insight being Chinese/American. You share
your Chinese culture in such a beautiful way and yet you have the perspective adventure of knowing how to accommodate Americans.

You, ChinaPlus Tours, are the only way to see China and other parts of Asia. I would and will highly recommend ChinaPlus to anyone seeing a top quality adventure!!
Thank you for the incredible memories!!!

Melanie Lisk
Fairfield, IA
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Dear Chris and Ping,

Thank you so much for the wonderful “Silk Road and Shangri’ La Tour” to China.  My club members are still talking about this truly unique
adventure. I would highly recommend the Silk Road and Shangri’ La tour to anyone interested in not just visiting China, but experiencing
China.  I would also challenge anyone who thinks they have seen all that travel to China has offer to take another look, the Silk Road and
Shangri' La tour with China Plus Tours lets you experience the extraordinary!

Valerie Kelsey, Boise, ID

Dear Chris and Ping,

Wow, Wow, and Wow! What an amazing experience you gave to the travelers in our Select 50 Club. Your planning and your speedy responses to All
of our questions while planning the trip was truly amazing. We never felt frustration. Chris, having you throughout the trip gave all of us a sense of
confidence in China. You handled everything so well and always had your wonderful smile. I really don't know how anyone can do China without
you!! Your choice of our local guides also amazed us. Peter in Xi'an was the most amazing; to think we had a guide for the Terracotta Soldiers who
was actually a part of the dig is remarkable. The meals were terrifice and we tried so many new delicious dishes.
Angela and I are still talking about you and our wonderful adventure! You covered everything! Now we are looking forward to eventually doing the
Silk Road with you.

Ann Blumberg and Angela Carroll, Des Moines, IA

Dear Chris and Ping,

My Classic VIP Club just completed the Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand tour. What an experience that left a footprint on our hearts. Start to finish,
the tour was great with many people-to-people experiences. The group thoroughly enjoyed the variety of restaurants and having the opportunity to
sample the local food. The hotels were beautiful and centrally located. Our local guides provided excellent commentary, history and personal notes
about llife in their cities. Especially appreciated were all of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that we had the opportunity to explore.  Ping did an
excellent job of coordinating every detail of the tour. All in all, this was a perfect experience with excellent execution. A special thank you for all of the
surprises you included for the group!

Terree Warren, Kearney, NE
Dear Chris and Ping,

Thank you so much for an amazing tour of China. Our groups is still talking about their experience in China. You gave them more than they
were expecting and this trip will be one of the highlights of their travel journey'.

Everything was organized and the tour guides added so much to the commentaries. Thank you so much for all you did not only for the group
but for me also. You even made my 3rd time to China one of my favorites!!!

Not if, but when we do Asia again, your company will be the one that I will call to make our traveler's dreams a reality.

Sheri McCoy, St. Joseph, MO

Dear Chris & Ping,

Thank you so much for the fabulous SE Asia cruise/tour. It has been one of those experiences that a person continues o process as time goes on. The magnitude of the trip was
amazing and it was all so well arranged and every detail seemed to fall into place at the right time.

It is amazing to the details and how much the two of you stayed to task to make sure the First Horizons Club enjoyed their journey from start to finish. Starting with the
planning and organizing the two tours to fit the time schedule that worked for the two groups - the 14 Day land tour and the 21 Day land/cruise tour with a cruise on the Mekong
River with AMA Waterway mid-way through the tour. For the FHC members, everything flowed perfectly.

Parts of the tour that really stand out are the elephant ride, the Mekong River cruise, the Cu Chi trail, the many different temples, and both groups ended with an overnight on a
junk boat in the Halong Bay area - absolutely a wonderful area to end the tour.

Thank you again for all the work and for arranging such a fabulous tour. I would highly recommend this tour to others.

Susan Evenson, Director
First Horizon Club