Why travel with ChinaPlus Tours
Born and grew up in China and educated in both China and the U.S., the owner and our chief operation
managers have been successful tour operators in U.S.-China travel since 1979. For us, China is not just a travel
destination, but also the homeland. Our Chinese culture background, extensive knowledge of China,  and
diversified travel management experience in both China and the U.S.  enable us to offer you the best tours to
China at competitive prices.  
For many years, ChinaPlus is known for personalized services. We pay close attention to all the details during the
trip. Everyone is well taken care of. Travel with us, you feel easy, flexible, personal,  and reliable.
Well-selected professional tour directors and guides
For many years, our chief operation managers personally escorting our tour groups to China frequently and have
traveled to almost every corner of China; plus, their understanding of both Chinese and American cultures is a big
help to the success of our tours. Our professional tour directors and local guides in China are carefully selected
based on their excellent personality, comprehensive knowledge, fluent English, tireless enthusiasms and rich
Whenever you have a question, we response within the same day. Our satisfactory customer service and effective tour
operations are commonly recognized and highly recommended. We are proud of our reliable ChinaPlus Team in China.
Everyone in this team has been well trained to provide our clients with exceptional personal and quality services; plus,
one of our chief operation managers always stays in China in travel season for on-site tour operations. You are in good
hands while traveling with ChinaPlus.
Our tour program keep the comfortable balance between the comprehensive guided sightseeing and leisure time. We
not only take you to the popular tourist attractions, but also let you have opportunities to explore the in-depth of the
Chinese culture and daily life of the local people. We guarantee that your trip be enjoyable and educational. Just as our
tour members say, "ChinaPlus adds a PLUS to China".
We use deluxe (5-star) accommodations in all major cities. Some of them are among the most luxury hotels in the
destination city or in China. In remote areas, we select the best hotels available.
We contract with Victoria Anna, one of the deluxe and technically advanced river boat on the Yangtze River. All are outside cabins with private
balcony and private bathroom with shower. The restaurants and bars serve delicious cuisine and various drinks and wines. The cruise also has
gym, library, beauty salon and massage services which provide enjoyable services. Elevators bring convenience to all guests. Plus, we offer
Complimentary Luxury Amenity Service Package to all our clients. You will fully enjoy your Journey on board of Victoria Anna.
For your convenience, we arrange your airline tickets from your home city to connect with international flight. If an
appropriate connecting flight from your home city is not available, we will advise an alternative airport and flight.
We mostly use AA, UA and DL for our groups.
We are proud to be a member of National Tour Association (NTA) – North America’s premier packaged travel
association. By belonging to NTA, ChinaPlus is a part of elite group of travel professionals who take pride in being
the very best. We are also an active member of a few other professional travel clubs and associations where we
partner with tour organizers from all over the U.S.  
China Tour Specialist
Personalized service
Satisfactory customer service and effective tour operations
Well-designed tour programs
Top quality hotel accommondations
Deluxe Cruise ship
Flexible airline tickets arrangements
Actively associated with professional organizations in travel industry
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We enjoy partnership with club directors, tour operators and travel organizers. You may choose our scheduled itineraries or have
your own custom tours. The size for your own group is your decision. You just get the travelers together, we take care of the rest.
We offer excellent benefits for partners. Please contact us for details.
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