Best answer: Are Hong Kong International Schools expensive?

Hong Kong is also known for being one of the most expensive places to study. In general, private international schools charge higher tuition fee, and follow its sponsor nation’s curriculum (British, French, American, Canadian, etc).

How much do international schools cost in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong School Fees by Grade (2020)

Typically, parents with children studying at an international school in Hong Kong expect to pay $25,480 per year. On top of this, schools in Hong Kong have other fees, such as uniform expenses, debentures, and individual nomination rights.

Are international schools more expensive?

5 of the 10 cities with the most expensive international school fees in the world are located in Asia. Africa is by far the most affordable continent for international schooling.

Prices of International Schools Per Year.

Rank 1
City New York City
Minimum $23,000
Q1 $33,523
Median $39,898

Why international schools are expensive?

International teachers and staff – International schools often employ teachers and staff from outside the country where the school is located. Recruitment, moving and housing costs for these international hires can all contribute to higher school fees.

Whats the most expensive school in HK?

The cost of education in Hong Kong Academy (most expensive school) sums up to HKD 2,839,800 or almost HKD 3 million from FS 1 to Year 12.

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Is it hard to get into Hkis?

HKIS has full-time college counseling staff on hand to assist students with the application process and making their best college choice. We have a acceptance rate of 100% for our graduates into colleges and universities: Over 90% attend college in North America.