Best answer: How can I advertise my business in China?

What is the best way to advertise in China?

Digital platforms & Networks: Best Places to Advertise in China

  1. Baidu (Baidu Network: Search Engine Marketing)
  2. WeChat (Tencent: Social Media Advertising)
  3. Sina Weibo (Social Media Advertising)
  4. Taobao & Tmall (Alibaba Group: Marketplace advertising)
  5. Tencent QQ (Instant Messaging App)

How much does it cost to advertise in China?

To start advertising on Douyin, the average setup cost is $249 with a minimum top-up of $7999. The average cost for key metrics on Douyin is: Average CPM / OCPM is 15 – 20 RMB. Average CPC is 1 – 2 RMB.

How do I market myself in China?

8 Platforms to Promote Your Business In China (2021)

  1. To promote your Business in China, start with Baidu. …
  2. WeChat: the super-App to promote your business in China. …
  3. Weibo to promote and increase brand awareness in China. …
  4. Douyin to collaborate with Kols and advertise your brand. …
  5. Kuaishou, Douyin Short Video App competitors.

How do they advertise in China?

Social Media Advertising in China

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Some of the most popular platforms for advertising include Youku/Tudou, WeChat, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douban, Zhihu, Toutiao, and Baidu Tieba.

How can I promote my website in China?

Best ways to increase Chinese website traffic

  1. Content optimisation and backlinking.
  2. Create more quality content pages.
  3. Promotion on business partner websites.
  4. Feature Chinese website URL on all marketing materials.
  5. Engage in search engine marketing (SEM)
  6. Advertise on WeChat.
  7. Work with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

Can I run Google ads in China?

#1: Google doesn’t work in China

Chances are you’re accustomed to using Google Adwords and would prefer to keep doing things this way. Unfortunately, like many Western internet services, Google services have been blocked in China for some time and are not usable. This includes: Search.

How do Chinese advertise on social media?

WeChat Advertising is the most effective way to increase engagement in China on the nation’s number one social media tool. E-commerce through WeChat mini-programs reached an incredible performance in 2020.

Can you run Facebook ads in China?

(Bloomberg) — Facebook Inc. has been allowing advertisers to target users in mainland China, despite a ban on the company’s social networks there that prohibits citizens from accessing the apps.

How do I advertise on WeChat?

How to apply?

  1. Verify your WeChat Official Account. …
  2. Apply for the right to advertise on WeChat by going to the backend of your official account, and click on 广告主 to apply.
  3. Once you got approved for 广告主 (right to advertise on WeChat), you can then create campaigns via the WeChat Official Account backend.
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How do Chinese advertise digitally?

To effectively market in China, you will need to use the most popular channels brands in China. The top 5 digital channels for advertising in China are WeChat, Weibo, Baidu, Alimama, and Blytedance.

How do I start a brand in China?

Guide to launch a Brand in China

  1. Hasty Decisions Often Prove Wrong.
  2. Patience Is The Key.
  3. Set Clear Goals and Select Right Market Segment.
  4. Your Positioning Is As Important As Your Product Quality.
  5. Exhibit Your Aptitude.
  6. Customized Products Win in China.
  7. Wagered On Instinctive Nature.
  8. Distribution Channel Can Make Or Break.

How do Chinese consumers advertise?

How to Enter into the China Market

  1. China Market: Communication in China is Digital. …
  2. Chinese consumers Research Extensively Online. …
  3. International Brands are really appreciated by Chinese people. …
  4. Being Highly Visible On Chinese Keywords. …
  5. Create a Quality Chinese Website for the China Market.

Can I advertise in China?

China presents a huge opportunity for brands looking to expand their market in other countries. Platforms like Tmall Global and allow foreign retailers to set up and sell in the China market easily. However, the advertising landscape in a new country can be confusing.

Does China have advertising?

Advertising is a billion business in China. As the second-largest market in the global advertising after the United States, China was expected to generate about 10.3 billion U.S dollars of ad spending between 2019 and 2022.

How do I advertise on Taobao?

To begin with, if you want to sell your products or services on Taobao, you will first need to register as a seller on Taobao’s platform. Then, you will be able to open an online store directly on Taobao, customized it, ad your products, and then advertise them.

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