Best answer: How do you say MSG in Chinese?

What is the Chinese word for MSG?

Chinese dictionary for Windows 10

Simplified Pīnyīn English Definition
味精 wèijīng monosodium glutamate (MSG)
谷氨酸钠 gǔ’ānsuānnà monosodium glutamate (MSG) (E621)
味素 wèisù monosodium glutamate (MSG)

What is the meaning of MSG?

(em es dʒiː ) uncountable noun. MSG is an abbreviation for monosodium glutamate.

How do you say quote in Chinese?


  1. [politician, author] 引用 (yǐnyòng)
  2. [line] 引述 (yǐnshù)
  3. [reference number] 援引 (yuányǐn)
  4. [law, statistics] 引证(證) (yǐnzhèng)

What is MSG Spice?

A popular seasoning and flavor enhancer, MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is the purest form of umami, the fifth taste. MSG (monosodium glutamate) is widely used to intensify and enhance umami flavors in sauces, broths, soups and many more foods.

Is MSG bad for you UK?

Some people find that consuming MSG can trigger side effects and symptoms including headaches, sweating, rapid heartbeat, nausea and others. Researchers have found no definitive evidence of a link between MSG and these symptoms.

Is MSG harmful?

Beside its flavour enhancing effects, MSG has been associated with various forms of toxicity (Figure 1(Fig. 1)). MSG has been linked with obesity, metabolic disorders, Chinese Restaurant Syndrome, neurotoxic effects and detrimental effects on the reproductive organs.

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What is so bad about MSG?

Is MSG actually bad for you? The negative claims associated with MSG run the gamut. People have linked MSG with asthma, headache, brain damage, nausea, drowsiness, and more.

Does MSG make you sleepy?

The FDA states that drowsiness that may occur in some people who are sensitive to MSG and consume 3 grams or more of the flavor enhancer.

Does Mcdonalds use MSG?

Do McDonald’s Burgers Have MSG? No, McDonald’s does not add monosodium glutamate to its cheeseburger menu items. On McDonald’s website, it gives the assurance that it makes burgers with no additives.

Where do I buy MSG?

Where to Buy MSG. Monosodium glutamate can be found simply labeled as MSG or under the brand name Ac’cent in the supermarket’s spice aisle. The brand Ajinomoto is sold at Asian grocery stores and online.

What is the best MSG brand?

Top 5 Vendors in the Monosodium Glutamate Market From 2017 to 2021: Technavio

  • Top five MSG market vendors.
  • COFCO (China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation) …
  • Lotus Health Industry Holding Group Company. …
  • Meihua Group. …
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