Best answer: Is my iCloud data stored in China?

iCloud data freely available to Chinese officials, even if encrypted. … Apple does not have the option of moving the iCloud data stored in Chinese accounts out of the country due to a 2017 law that requires all China-based “personal information and important data” to be stored within the country.

Where is iCloud information stored?

Apple has dramatically increased the amount of iCloud user data it stores on Google Cloud, according to The Information. The report claims Apple now has over eight million terabytes of data stored on Google’s servers.

Why is my iCloud in Chinese?

On, go to Account Settings, click the current language, then choose a new language.

Does Apple give data to Chinese government?

Apple stores customer data on Chinese government servers.

In response to a 2017 Chinese law, Apple agreed to move its Chinese customers’ data to China and onto computers owned and run by a Chinese state-owned company. Chinese government workers physically control and operate the data center.

Can I access iCloud email in China?

iCloud works in China, as do all the other major providers. Your emails are read before delivery to you, as a bonus.

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Does iCloud mine data?

Additionally, it says it keeps most of the data on our devices, as opposed to Apple servers, and it’s encrypted on those devices and only accessible via your passcode. And it says it will make it easier to track the information the company collects about us, and to download or delete it, later this year.

Is iCloud safe?

Data security

iCloud secures your information by encrypting it when it’s in transit and storing it in iCloud in an encrypted format. Many Apple services use end-to-end encryption, which means that only you can access your information, and only on trusted devices where you’re signed in with your Apple ID.

Is iCloud in China safe?

Inside, Apple was preparing to store the personal data of its Chinese customers on computer servers run by a state-owned Chinese firm. Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, has said the data is safe. … And the digital keys that unlock information on those computers are stored in the data centers they’re meant to secure.

Why is someone in China using my Apple ID?

The company said the affected accounts were not secured with 2FA, Apple news site 9to5Mac reported. … But even those who have secured their accounts with 2FA may have had their details obtained during a phishing scam, Netsafe says, which is why someone could be trying to log-in to their account somewhere in China.

Will Apple pull out of China?

Apple is moving its production away from China and will switch to plants in India and Vietnam, according to a new report by Nikkei Asia. … Foxconn, a key partner and supplier to Apple, has invested $270 million into building a new factory in Vietnam in order to expand production capacity.

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Does Apple give your information to the government?

Apple requires government and private entities to follow applicable laws and statutes when requesting customer information and data. … Our legal team reviews requests to ensure that the requests have a valid legal basis. If they do, we comply by providing data responsive to the request.

Can Apple decrypt iCloud backups?

Apple encrypts everything stored in iCloud down to the last bit. All information that the user or their iPhone store in iCloud is securely encrypted in transit and in storage. … Without these encryption keys, no one can decrypt anything.

Can Apple scan photos not on iCloud?

Additionally, Apple says that only photos you choose to upload to iCloud Photos are scanned. If you disable iCloud Photos, then your pictures won’t be scanned.

Can the FBI Unlock iPhone?

These devices work on very recent iPhone models: Cellebrite claims it can unlock any iPhone for law enforcement, and the FBI has unlocked an iPhone 11 Pro Max using GrayShift’s GrayKey device.