Best answer: What areas of China get the most rain?

The rainiest part of the country is the south-east, while the least rainy is the north-west.

Which region has the most rain?

Mawsynram, India

Mawsynram, located in the Meghalaya State in India, is the wettest place in the world. It receives an annual rainfall of 11,871 millimeters.

Does China have a lot of rainfall?

China’s southern cities experience monsoon rainfall during summer (generally April through to September), with the amount of rainfall depending on the city you’re visiting. Guangzhou, for example, has an average of 276 mm of rainfall in June and 233 mm of rainfall in July. Hong Kong and Guilin both have more.

Which areas get more rainfall?

Agumbe in the Shimoga district , Amagaon in Belgaum District, Hulikal again in Shimoga district and Talakaveri in Madikeri are some of the known places with the highest annual rainfall in South India. Of this Amagaon has received over 10000 mm rain fall twice in 10 years.

How much rain does China get?

Annual precipitation. In 2020, the average annual rainfall in China was 694.8 mm and 10.3% more than normal, which ranked the fourth highest since 1951 (Fig. 2(a)).

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Who gets more rain Portland or Seattle?

Does it rain more in Seattle or Portland? Everyone knows that gray skies and rainy days are inevitable while living in Seattle or Portland. … Yet few folks know that it actually rains more in Portland than Seattle — Seattle averages 38″ of rainfall annually compared to Portland’s 43″.

Does China have 4 seasons?

The climate conditions in China are wide-ranging with each area having a different season at a different point in time. There are four different seasons in China; Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring.

Where does China’s rain come from?

The East Asian rainy season (Chinese and Japanese: 梅雨; pinyin: méiyǔ; rōmaji: tsuyu/baiu; Korean: 장마; romaja: jangma), also called the plum rain, is caused by precipitation along a persistent stationary front known as the Meiyu front for nearly two months during the late spring and early summer in East Asia between …

Is there any extreme weather in China?

‘It’s alarming’: intense rainfall and extreme weather become the norm in northern China. The unusual rains began to fall in Shanxi on 3 October, and the torrential downpours lasted for three days. According to Chinese media, the 59 observatories across Shanxi province all recorded historic levels of rain.

Which country has the most rainfall per year?

Brunei Darussalam is the top country by rainfall index in the world. As of 2017, rainfall index in Brunei Darussalam was 3,564 mm. The top 5 countries also includes Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Solomon Islands, and Indonesia.

What area has the least rainfall on Earth?

The driest place on Earth is in Antarctica in an area called the Dry Valleys, which have seen no rain for nearly 2 million years. There is absolutely no precipitation in this region and it makes up a 4800 square kilometer region of almost no water, ice or snow.

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What is the average rainfall in the North China Plain?

Precipitation amounts to 400-500 mm annually in the north and 750-1,000 mm annually in the south. There is a marked difference between the summer maximum and the meager precipitation during the winter (2-3 percent of the yearly total) and transitional seasons.

What is the driest month in China?

The wettest month (with the highest rainfall) is July (185.2mm). The driest month (with the least rainfall) is January (2.7mm).

What is China’s average climate?

The climate in China is characterized by the enormous size of the country. In the north, the climate is temperate with summer temperatures around 25 C and very cold winters. In the south, it is subtropical with very hot summers and mild winters.