Best answer: Who supplies Hong Kong water?

The Water Supplies Department (WSD; Chinese: 水務署) is the department under Development Bureau of the Government of Hong Kong of the People’s Republic of China providing a reliable and adequate supply of wholesome potable water and sea water to customers in Hong Kong.

Does Hong Kong get water from China?

Hong Kong’s water from China comes from the Dongjiang River, a major tributary to the Pearl River, 83 km north of Hong Kong. The Dongjiang also serve as a major supplier of fresh water to seven other cities including the heavy industrial and commercial centers of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Dongguan.

Why is water expensive in Hong Kong?

It is a very energy-intensive process, requiring up to eight times more energy than the city’s current water production. As well as a high carbon footprint, this makes it relatively expensive compared to buying the same amount of water from China.

How can I get water supply in Hong Kong?

If it is necessary to process the application urgently, e.g. to take up the consumership to avoid the disconnection of water supply, please apply in person at any of our Customer Enquiry Centres. You may also apply by calling our hotline 2824 5000 (applicable to domestic or flushing supplies in personal capacity only).

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Does Hong Kong have soft water?

In Hong Kong, treated water is soft in nature. It contains a small amount of minerals and remains visually clear.

Where does Hong Kong get fresh water?

Hong Kong’s three main sources of water are supplied from Guangdong Province; internal freshwater sources stored in reservoirs; and seawater used for flushing toilets. Dongjiang is Hong Kong’s major source of water. The designed maximum capacity of the supply system is 1.1 billion cubic metres per annum.

Is there chlorine in Hong Kong water?

Treatment process There are 21 water treatment works in Hong Kong. … “A small amount of residual chlorine is maintained in the water to prevent bacterial growth on the rest of its journey. The treated water is pumped into a system of water mains, stored in service reservoirs and then supplied to the public.”

Where does Hong Kong waste go?

Currently, most of the municipal solid waste in Hong Kong is disposed of in the following landfills: West New Territories Landfill at Tuen Mun. North East New Territories Landfill at Ta Kwu Ling.

Is Hong Kong tap water hard or soft?

What is the Hong Kong tap water really like? On the positive side it’s soft, alkaline (pH level above 8), low in calcium (less limescale) and with low chlorine residue.

How serious is water pollution in Hong Kong?

Water pollution had become a major problem in Hong Kong. About two million tonnes of polluted water, mainly human and livestock waste water as well as some industrial effluents, were being discharged into local waters each day, most of it virtually untreated. This led to beach closures, algal blooms and high E.

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How much does water cost in Hong Kong?

the first tier of 12 cubic metres is free of charge; the second tier of 31 cubic metres is charged at $4.16 per cubic metre; the third tier of 19 cubic metres is charged at $6.45 per cubic metre; and. the fourth tier for any consumption above the level of 62 cubic metres is charged at $9.05 per cubic metre.

How do I write a letter requesting water supply?

Dear Sir/Madam, This is to bring in your kind notice, that I am _____________ (Name) and I live at __________ (Address). I have recently shifted to the above mentioned address and I want to have a new water connection. The area in which we live in needs separate new connection which is affiliated to the municipality.

How do I change my water address in Hong Kong?

You may change your account details e.g. mailing address to receive water bills and bill language by downloading the required forms and return the completed form to WSD by post, by fax or in person. You may also sign up / login your Electronic Services account to process the following requests / enquiry online. 1.