Can you tell me the price of tea in China?

The short answer is ‘no’. The pricing of tea depends on several factors, with the final price of tea in China varying from $10 to more than $1000 for 500 grams (approximately 16 ounces).

How much is the most expensive tea in China?

Valued around a whopping $1.2 million per kg, Da-Hong Pao tea is the most expensive tea in the world grown in the Wuyi mountains of Fujian province of China and declared a national treasure for its rarity.

Where does the saying the price of tea in China come from?

The phrase is believed to have begun in 19th century England where the actual price of tea in China was of interest. When someone in the British House of Commons said something others felt was irrelevant, it was met with this saying… meaning, the price of tea in China is a relevant topic, but yours is not.

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Why is Chinese tea so expensive?

Also known as Big Red Robe tea, this Chinese tea embodies the characteristics of the Wuyi Mountains where it is cultivated. … The rare tea is so expensive largely because the leaves are harvested from plants that have grown on the mountains for more than 300 years.

What is the most expensive tea you can buy?

At $1.2 million per kilogram, Da-Hong Pao Tea is the most expensive in the world. This variety has been declared a national treasure by the Chinese government and dates back to the Ming Dynasty. The process used during harvesting remains a closely guarded secret.

Is Earl GREY tea expensive?

A 1 lb bag of premium Earl Grey is $24 at the time of writing. Most of their loose leaf tea falls into the $7-60 range per 100 grams, and tea sachets vary between $o. 75 and $1 per bag. Shipping prices are great as well.

What’s that got to do with the price of fish meaning?

A rhetorical question calling attention to a non-sequitur or irrelevant statement or suggestion made by another person. Primarily heard in UK. Yes, I agree that health care is an important issue, but what’s that got to do with the price of fish?

Whats that got to do with the price of fish origin?

Because the fish does not know pain, but the bull does. The expression originates in Northern England where it is still in common, everyday use. It was undoubtedly taken to the cotton states of the USA by the cotton buyers from Lancashire.

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What’s that got to do with the price of bacon?

SOARING inflation can be traced back to basic foods like bacon, it was revealed yesterday. SOARING inflation can be traced back to basic foods like bacon, it was revealed yesterday.

What is the price of a dozen eggs in China?

Price Rankings by Country of Eggs (regular) (12) (Markets)

1. Switzerland 6.18 $
55. China 1.94 $
56. Ethiopia 1.92 $
57. Guatemala 1.87 $
58. South Africa 1.85 $

How much is a chicken in China?

Food prices from our Cost of Living Section

Markets Edit
Eggs (regular) (12) 12.26¥
Local Cheese (1 lb) 39.78¥
Chicken Fillets (1 lb) 12.43¥
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 37.62¥

What is the average salary in China?

The average salary in China ranges from 7,410 Yuan per month (USD 1,145) to 1,31,000 Yuan (USD 20,245) per month — with 7,410 Yuan being the minimum salary and 1,31,100 Yuan being the maximum salary.

What the most expensive thing in the world?

17 Most Expensive Things On This Planet

  1. Yacht History Supreme, 4.5 billion USD.
  2. Antilia, 1 billion USD. …
  3. 1963 Ferrari GTO, 52 million USD. …
  4. ‘The Card Players’ (painting), 260 million USD. …
  5. The ‘Perfect Pink’, 23 million USD. …
  6. Parking spot Manhattan, 1 million USD. …
  7. Feather of Huia Bird, 10,000 USD. …

What is the most rare tea?

Called Da Hong Pao, this rare Wuyishan, China-based tea is harvested from nearly extinct ancient ‘mother trees’—the oldest trees in a forest—and is described as having a heavily oxidized, smoky mellow flavor.

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What country has the best green tea?

China being a pioneer in the field of green teas has a distinct advantage over other countries in terms of variety and taste.