Does Joe’s Shanghai have outdoor seating?

These delicious dumplings are best enjoyed straight out of the steamer and Joe Shanghai on Bowery has a few outdoor tables available!

Is Joe’s Shanghai cash only?

Cash only! Cash only! Good thing I had just visited the ATM…. We stumbled into this place after finding it on Yelp as we were walking around.

What should I buy at Joe’s Shanghai?

Soup dumplings are a must: pork or pork and crab. Other favorites include spicy cold sesame noodles, scallion pancakes, spicy pepper salt prawns in their shells, garlic eggplant, and all kinds of fried rice. If you see something that looks delicious on someone else’s table, just ask the server.

Does Joe Shanghai take reservations?

Does Joe’s Shanghai do reservations? No reservations. First come first serve.

Is Joe’s Shanghai BYOB?

This is a BYOB restaurant! The first Joe’s Shanghai was founded in Flushing, New York in 1995. Over the years, they’ve have been known to be one of the best restaurants in the city. …

Did Joe’s Shanghai move?

Mention “Soup Dumplings”, everyone knows you’re referring to Joe’s Shanghai. In 1995, we opened our Chinatown restaurant in Pell Street. However, the place proved to be too small to handle the growing capacity we have, so in December 2019, we moved to a nearby location – 46 Bowery, New York.

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