Frequent question: Can Hong Kong residents travel to Russia?

Without visas up to 14 days for permanent residents of the Hong Kong SAR with the valid passport of Hong Kong SAR. Without visas for diplomatic and service passports – up to 90 days. Without visas for diplomatic passports – up to 90 days. Without visas for diplomatic and service passports – up to 90 days.

Do Hong Kong citizens need a visa for Russia?

Hongkongers do not need a visa to travel to Russia (for up to 14 days) … Passport must be valid for at least six months after intended date of departure from Russia. The vast majority of Hong Kong and Macau people who travel to Russia as tourists or on business use this visa exemption.

Can foreigners enter Russia now?

There are 2 main rules for travellers who are going to visit Russia: — You must be a citizen of these countries or have a residence permit (or any other document proving the right of permanent residence). — You have to enter Russia by plane and only from the territory of your country.

How do you enter Russia with Covid?

To check-in and board an international flight, foreign nationals and stateless persons* travelling to the airports of the Russian Federation, including passengers in transit via airports in the Russian Federation, must present a medical document (certificate) with a negative Covid-19 result (PCR) in Russian or English; …

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Which countries is Russia open to?

Which Countries Have Resumed Travel With Russia?

  • Austria. Azerbaijan. Albania.
  • Argentina (from Dec. Armenia. Bahamas. Bahrain.
  • Bangladesh (from Dec. Belarus. Belgium.
  • Brazil (from Dec. Bulgaria.
  • Costa Rica (from Dec. Croatia. Cuba. Cyprus. Czech Republic. Denmark. Djibouti. …
  • France. Germany. Greece. Hungary. Iceland. India. Iran.

Is tourism in Russia Open?

Russia has reopened its borders to nationals and residents of many countries, allowing tourists to visit for non-essential purposes.

Is Russia issuing tourist visas?

Visa issues

Russia is once again issuing tourist, business and other types of visas, for countries with which it has resumed air traffic. … Additionally, 72-hour visa-free entry to Russia for cruise ship passengers will, once again, come into force.

Can Tourists enter Ukraine?

Entry into the country is completely free – no tests, no self-isolation. However, all foreigners, regardless of age, including those who are vaccinated, must have an insurance policy that covers the treatment of coronavirus and is valid for the entire period of stay in Ukraine.