Frequent question: What is Pangbian in Chinese?

What does Pangbian mean in English?

páng biān. lateral side to the side beside.

What does Xian means in Chinese?

Xian (Chinese: 仙/仚/僊; pinyin: xiān; Wade–Giles: hsien) refers to a person or similar entity having a long life or being immortal. The concept of xian has different implications dependent upon the specific context: philosophical, religious, mythological, or other symbolic or cultural occurrence.

What is the meaning of Apso?

Acronym. Definition. APSO. Agency for Personal Service Overseas.

What is Xiansheng in Chinese?

xiān sheng. teacher husband doctor (dialect) CL:位[wei4] Example Usage Strokes. 先生

What is the meaning of Xoana?

xoanon in British English

(ˈzəʊəˌnɒn ) nounWord forms: plural -na (-nə) a primitive image of a god, carved, esp originally, in wood, and supposed to have fallen from heaven. Collins English Dictionary.

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