Frequent question: What was the initial basis of India China and Pakistan development strategy?

India and Pakistan both have started their developmental programmes based on economic planning soon after their independence in 1947. ii. Both the countries relied on the public sector for initiating the process of growth and development.

What similar development strategies have India Pakistan & China followed for the developmental paths?

They followed the mixed economic system involving the co-existence of both the public and the private sector. These countries relied more on the public sector for initiating the process of growth and development.

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What was the common in the development strategy of India China and Pakistan during 1950 to 1990?

Five Year Plans i. e., economic planning was common in the development strategy of India, China and Pakistan during 1950-1990.

What are the development strategies followed by China?

Development Planning Reform at the County Level. The Planning of the Major Function-Oriented Zones: Initiation and Evolution. Institutionalization of National Development Planning. Improvement and Innovation of National Development Planning System.

How do India China and Pakistan perform on the indicators of human development?

The rankings are accorded to the countries as per their HDI. China ranked 81, India 128th and Pakistan 136th. High ranking of China is due to the higher GDP per capita. Moreover, the one-child norm led to sustained rise in the GDP, consequently, China was ranked higher than India and Pakistan in HDI.

What similar achievement have India and Pakistan achieved in the course of their respective developmental paths?

(a) India and Pakistan both started their development process on economic planning after getting independence in 1947. (b) Both of them have adopted the mixed economic model of growth, involving the co-existence of both the public and the private sector.

What common strategies were adopted in the development plans of India and Pakistan?

India and Pakistan adopted similar strategies such as creating a large public sector and raising public expenditure on social development. Till the 1980s, all the three countries had similar growth rates and per capita incomes. Economic reforms took place in all the three countries.

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Which are the common achievements of India and Pakistan?

1. Doubling per capita income : Both India and Pakistan have succeeded in more than doubling their per capita income. 2. Reduction in the incidence of absolute poverty : In both the countries the incidence of absolute poverty has also been reduced significantly.

What are the common failures of India and Pakistan as compared to China?

Both countries face a set of common problems — the inherited legacy of a control mind-set among the government and rent-seeking private sector, widespread corruption, poor fiscal management, weak financial system and congested and overcrowded urban services.

What are the causes of China being ahead of India and Pakistan in most of the development indicators?

Higher degree of urbanisation reveals higher industrialisation and development of tertiary sector in the economy. Thus to sum up, although China is the largest populated country but its other demographic indicators are stronger than those of both India and Pakistan.

What are the strategies of development?

Strategy Development Techniques and Best Practices

  • Understand the current position.
  • Reflect on how you got there.
  • Be clear about your corporate identity (mission, vision and values)
  • Analyse your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Analyse the business environment.
  • Identify and evaluate strategic options.
  • Set objectives.

What was the economic development strategy of India after independence?

The government in the 1950s adopted a very particular strategy of economic development: rapid industrialization by implementing centrally prepared five-year plans that involved raising a massive amount of resources and investing them in the creation of large industrial state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

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What are the similarities between India and China?

The older generations in both societies are more traditional and orthodox while their younger generation is more accepting and open to new ideas. As the only two large developing countries with over one billion population, China and India have the largest similarities than any other country in the world.

Which of the following is a developing country India China Pakistan all of these?

Answer: China is a developed country. India and Pakistan are developing countries.

What led to rapid growth in China even when India China and Pakistan together adopted the strategy of economic reforms?

China’s development strategy is its Great Leap Forward GLF which aimed at the high-scale industrialization of the economy. Therefore basis of growth rate of China is manufacturing sector where as it is service sector in India.