How do I setup a Chinese VPN on my phone?

How do I get a Chinese VPN on my phone?


  1. Access your chosen VPN provider’s website and purchase a plan.
  2. From your phone, access the VPN provider’s website.
  3. Download the .apk file.
  4. When the download finishes, open the file (avoid using Google Play to open the .apk file)
  5. Open the app and connect the VPN.

How can I get China VPN for free?

The Best Free VPNs for China – Full Analysis (Updated 2021)

  1. Try ExpressVPN >
  2. Try Hotspot Shield >
  3. Try Windscribe VPN >
  4. Try ProtonVPN >
  5. Try VPN >
  6. Try TunnelBear VPN >

How do I get a Chinese IP address with a VPN?

The way to get a Chinese IP address is to use a VPN that has servers in China. Once you sign up for a VPN service, you just need to connect to a server in China to get an IP address from the country. Then, you can access content that’s only available in China from anywhere.

Where can I get China VPN?

The 5 Best VPNs to Access Chinese Servers and Surf the Chinese Web

  • EarthVPN. Available: iOS and Android. It’s hard to beat EarthVPN’s prices! …
  • HideMyAss! Available: iOS and Android. …
  • Ivacy. Available: iOS and Android. …
  • Hotspot Shield. Available: iOS and Android. …
  • PureVPN. Available: iOS and Android.
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How do I use Astrill VPN in China?

Quick Guide: How to Make Astrill VPN Work in China

  1. Go to Astrill VPN website.
  2. Install the VPN and choose StealthVPN as default protocol.
  3. Launch Astrill VPN before accessing the internet, to bypass censorship and geoblocks and keep your browsing anonymous.

How do I install Nord VPN in China?

6 Simple Steps to Sideload the NordVPN App

Click on “Special app access” and select “Install unknown apps. “ Switch on “Allow from this source” to sideload the APK file to your Android device. Open the file and install NordVPN.

Is VPN in China illegal?

Recently, VPNs were banned in China and are now considered a crime by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). This comes as a hindrance to residents of China that have been using VPNs as a method to access various blocked websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Which free VPN works China?

ExpressVPN – #1 VPN for China with unlimited data, reliable servers to safely access the internet, and 24/7 live chat support. Free for 30 days with the money-back guarantee (perfect for short trips).

What is the punishment for using VPN in China?

Can you get in trouble for using a VPN in China? While you technically could get fined for using an unapproved VPN while in China, there have been zero reports of any foreigners in China being fined or punished for using outside VPNs.

Which VPN is best to use in China?

ExpressVPN – Most Consistent VPN for China Expats

ExpressVPN has some of the fastest servers, which is important for those China expats who value speed (gaming, video streaming, etc.). It’s also a popular service – if you were to ask 10 expats what VPN they use, at least 4 would say ExpressVPN.

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Can express VPN connect to China?

ExpressVPN works reliably in China, but it’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free. Connect to a server. You can choose from 3000+ servers in 94+ countries. That’s it!

Which free VPN is best?

The best free VPN for 2021:

  1. ProtonVPN Free. Our #1 free VPN – unlimited data allowance without paying a cent. …
  2. Hotspot Shield Free VPN. Easy-to-use free VPN that gets you started in an instant. …
  3. Windscribe free. Super secure with a generous data cap. …
  4. TunnelBear. Protecting your identity with ease. …
  5. Speedify. …

What is VPN China?

What is the best VPN for China? The Great Firewall of China restricts users from accessing the free and open internet. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be used to browse freely, but few actually work in China, making the best VPN for China hard to find.