How do I transfer my work visa to China?

To transfer your work permit to a new employer, you first need to cancel your current or previous work permit. To do this, notify your current employer to cancel your work permit. The employer will have access to the online system and can access the appropriate cancellation forms via their account.

How do I transfer my work permit to China?

The Whole Process For Changing Jobs

  1. Receive an offer from new employer: …
  2. Submit written resignation letter: …
  3. Serve 30-day leaving notice at most: …
  4. Receive release and cancellation paper letter: …
  5. New employer apply for/transfer work permit: …
  6. Receive new work permit and residence permit:

Can you transfer work visa?

When you get a new job on an employment-based visa, the only thing that transfers is you—from one job to another. However, the process of applying for a new H-1B visa after changing jobs is commonly referred to as an “H-1B transfer”. When you accept a new job, you will need to file a new H-1B visa petition.

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Is it hard to get work visa in China?

Foreigners need a permit to legally work in China.

The process seems to be getting harder every year, but alas, it has to be done. No (legal) way around it if you firmly believe China is the place for you to earn a living.

How long does it take to get a work permit in China?

It takes around 4 to 6 weeks to secure a work permit.

What happens if you overstay your Chinese visa?

Overstay will violate the law of China and will result in punishment. … Your visa might expire before your intended departure date for China if you apply too early; but if you apply too late, you might not be able to obtain a visa in time for your scheduled departure.

What is H1 transfer?

An H-1B transfer is essentially a new application that is not cap-subject. If you are able to show proof of a previous approval (i.e., receipt number, copy of I-797) then the new employer can transfer the H-1B even if you have yet to enter the country.

How much does an H1B transfer cost?

What are the correct filing fees? The new employer has to pay the following filing fees for the H-1B transfer petition: $460 (base filing fee), $500 (fraud detection), and $1,500 (employer sponsorship fee for companies with more than 25 employees). Thus, the total fee for this H-1B transfer is $2,460.

Can H1B transfer be filed online?

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services must be notified of any changes in employment status through Form I-129 (H-1B petition). This form can be filed electronically. … The petition must be for new employment and must be filed before the end of the nonimmigrant’s period of authorized stay.

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How can I live permanently in China?

How to apply for China permanent residence?

  1. Complete Application Form for Permanent Residence in China;
  2. Valid passport and valid visa (or resident permit);
  3. A health certificate issued by a domestic entry-exit inspection and issued within the last six months;

What visa do I need to live in China?

It is the equivalent of the Q Visa for family of foreigners living in China long-term. The S1 Visa is issued for a stay more of than 180 days. The S1 Visa has a single entry, and holders must apply for a residence permit within 30 days of entry. The S2 Visa is issued for a stay of 180 days or less.

How much does a Chinese work visa cost?

China Visa Application Fees for Different Nationalities

Nationality Number of Entries Regular Application
US Citizens Single Entry Double Entries Multiple Entries for 6 Months Multiple Entries for 1 Year & above US$140
UK Citizens £85
Canada Citizens Can$100
Others Citizens (Australian, Indian…) Single Entry US$30

What do I need to move to China?

Relocating. When it comes to the process of moving to China, vaccinations and visas should be your first priorities. DPT, polio, MMR, and hepatitis A are all required vaccinations for China, and you’ll also need to undergo a comprehensive medical examination for some visa types.

How do I become a citizen of China?

Citizenship of China can be acquired in several ways: by birth, by descent, or by naturalization.

  1. Citizenship by birth: Birth within the territory of the PRC does not automatically confer citizenship. …
  2. Citizenship by descent: Child, at least one of whose parents is a Chinese citizen, regardless of the country of birth.
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Do I need a degree to get a work visa in China?

There are two ways for foreign nationals to be granted work permits in China. As long as you have a qualified Bachelor’s degree and two years overseas experience then you may qualify for a work permit. To do away with the required experience, you must have a Master’s degree or higher from a Chinese institution.