How do you say 100 in Chinese?

How do you say 100 in Mandarin?

To say “One hundred (100)” in Chinese, you need a new word – 百 (bǎi) or 一百 (yìbǎi). The difference is the same as it is in English: 百 (bǎi) means “a hundred” and 百 (yìbǎi) is “one hundred”.

How do you say 110 in Chinese?

The pronunciation of 110 as “yì bǎi yī shí” may have troubled you for a while as it is easy to forget the “yī ” in front of “shí” by mistakenly saying it like “yì bǎi shí”. Here we will introduce you another short-cut to express the number 110, which is “yì bǎi yī”, literally 100-1.

How do you count past 100 in Chinese?

If you want to count from 21-29, simply add the characters 1-9 to 二十. For 21, we get 二十一. That’s two, ten, and one together.

Chinese Numbers 0-1000 Posted by sasha on Sep 6, 2011 in Uncategorized, Vocabulary.

100 一百 yì bǎi
101 一百零一 yì bǎi líng yī
102 一百零二 yì bǎi líng èr
110 一百一(十) yì bǎi yī (shí)
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How do you count to 50 in Chinese?

Chinese numbers 1-100

Number Character Pinyin
49 四十九 Sì shí jiǔ
50 五十 Wǔ shí
51 五十一 Wǔ shí yī
52 五十二 Wǔ shí èr

What does 666 mean in China?

In China, 666 can mean “everything goes smoothly” (the number six has the same pronunciation as the character 溜, which means “smooth”.

What is Google Chinese?

Google used its Chinese name, GǔGē (“harvest song”), but it never caught on with Chinese internet users. On April 12, 2006, Google’s Global CEO Eric Schmidt announced Google’s Chinese name as “谷歌” (The Chinese character version of GǔGē) in Beijing.

What does 111 mean in Chinese?

The Number 3

3 (三), pronounced san, is considered lucky due to its similarity in sound to the word that means birth. Additionally, this number represents the three stages in the life of humans – birth, marriage, death – that adds to its importance in Chinese culture.

What does Yao mean in Chinese number?

The character for “yao” is “幺”. Which originally (in classic Chinese) means “young,little”.

What is your name Mandarin?

你叫什么名字? Nǐ jiào shénme míngzì? “What is your name” (literally: “You called what name?”)

How do you say 1000 in Mandarin?

That means apart from zero to ten, the only words you need to know to be able to use the whole number system are large numbers, starting with hundred 百 (yībǎi), thousand, 千 (yīqiān). After a thousand comes ten thousand, 万 (wàn), and a hundred million, 亿 (yì).

How do you count in Mandarin Chinese?

Lesson 3: Numbers (1-10)

  1. 一 yī one.
  2. 二 èr. two.
  3. 三 sān. three.
  4. 四 sì four.
  5. 五 wǔ five.
  6. 六 liù six.
  7. 七 qī seven.
  8. 八 bā eight.
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How do you count Chinese?

One (1) is 一 yī. Two (2) is 二 èr. Three (3) is 三 sān. Four (4) is 四 sì.

Continue counting from 6 to 10.

  1. Six (6) is 六 liù.
  2. Seven (7) is 七 qī.
  3. Eight (8) is 八 bā.
  4. Nine (9) is 九 jiŭ.
  5. Ten (10) is 十 shí.

What is the pinyin for 76?

Chinese Numbers 1-100 Posted by sasha on Oct 22, 2012 in Uncategorized, Vocabulary

Number Chinese Character Pinyin
76 七十六 Qī shí liù
77 七十七 Qī shí qī
78 七十八 Qī shí bā
79 七十九 Qī shí jiǔ

What does 7 mean in Chinese?

The number 7 (七, pinyin: qī) in Mandarin sounds like “even” in Mandarin (齊, pinyin: qí), so it is a good number for relationships. It also sounds like “arise” (起, pinyin: qǐ) and “life essence” (氣, pinyin: qì) in Mandarin. Seven can also be considered an unlucky number since the 7th month (July) is a “ghost month”.