How do you say AM PM in Chinese?

Does Chinese use AM PM?

Both the 12-hour and 24-hour notations are used in spoken and written Chinese. … Spoken Chinese predominantly uses the 12-hour system and follows the same concept as A.M. (上午; shàngwŭ) and P.M. (下午; xiàwŭ).

How do you say AM and PM in Mandarin?

Add the following Chinese time expressions to indicate a.m. and p.m. :

  1. 早上 zǎoshàng:(earlier) morning.
  2. 上午 shàngwǔ: morning; a.m. (referring to later hours in the morning between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.)
  3. 中午 zhōngwǔ: noon.
  4. 下午 xiàwǔ: Afternoon (after 12 p.m. and before 6 p.m.)
  5. 晚上 wǎnshàng: night; p.m. (between 6 p.m. and 12 p.m.)

What is the difference on how do you express time in Chinese compare to that in English?

This contrast can be seen in how time and location is expressed. Chinese grammar dictates that the larger points are expressed before the smaller points. In English, the smaller points are generally expressed first.

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How do you say what’s your name in Chinese?

Chinese translation of ‘what’s your name?’

你叫什么(麼)名字? (nǐ jiào shénme míngzi?)

How do you say 10 am in Chinese?

Time Word + the Hour number + the Minute number

  1. zǎoshang jiǔdiǎn. 早上九点 9am.
  2. shàngwǔ shídiǎn shífēn. 上午十点十分 10:10am.
  3. zhōngwǔ shí’èr diǎn. 中午十二点 12pm.
  4. xiàwǔ sāndiǎn ‘érshí 下午三点二十 3:20pm.
  5. wǎnshàng bādiǎn. 晚上八点 8pm.

How do China write dates?

In Chinese, the elements of the date are named in the order “year + month + day”. To say the date in Chinese, use the formula 年(nián) + 月(yuè) + 号 ( hào).

How do you say 9am in Chinese?

Time in Chinese – The Clock

  1. 一点yī diǎn (1 O’Clock)
  2. 七点qī diǎn (7 O’Clock)
  3. 九点jiǔ diǎn (9 O’Clock)
  4. 十二点shí’èr diǎn (12 O’Clock)
  5. 两点半liǎng diǎn bàn (Half Past 1)
  6. 十点半shí diǎn bàn (Half Past 10)

What does 5 mean in Chinese?


The number 5 is associated with both good luck and bad luck depending on context. Since 五 sounds similar to 无 (wú), which means “not” or “without” in Chinese, it can be viewed as bad luck.

How do you tell Chinese time easily?

Here’s how Chinese time works when you need to tell the precise time, down to the minute. The structure of hour + minutes in Chinese is quite simple – you say the time on the hour first, then say the number corresponding to the minute.

What does 8 mean in Chinese?

Number 8 — the Luckiest Number in China

‘Eight’ (八) in Chinese is pronounced ba and sounds similar to fa (发, traditional character: 發) as in facai (发财), meaning ‘well-off’ or ‘becoming rich in a short time’. … 8 is considered lucky and favored by Chinese because it holds meaning in both traditional and modern cultures.

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What is the biggest difference between Chinese character and English letter?

The most apparent difference is, no surprise, the written appearance of the language. → Chinese uses characters, which cannot be sounded out, while English words use the alphabet, which allows the speaker to sound out the word because it is a phonetic language.

How do you respond to Ni Hao?

Simple Responses in Chinese

Friend: Ni hao ma? (how are you?) You: Wo hen hao! Xie xie. Ni ne? (I am very good, thanks.

Is Kim a Chinese name?

Korean: there is one Chinese character for the surname Kim. Kim is the most common Korean surname, comprising about 20 percent of the Korean population. According to some sources, there are over 600 different Kim clans, but only about 100 have been documented. Kims can be found in virtually every part of Korea.

What do you mean by Ni Hao?

Nihao, Ni Hao, or 你好 (Chinese: 你好; lit. ‘hello’) may refer to: … 你好,李焕英 or Hi, Mom, a 2021 Chinese comedy film.