How do you say I love in Cantonese?

You’ll often hear Mandarin speakers saying “I love you” as 我爱你. In Cantonese, it is pronounced as 我愛你.

How do you call your girlfriend in Cantonese?

Cheers! We usually called our lover “傻婆”,“”傻猪”“ 老公”“老婆“”猪公,猪婆”,when you introduce her /him to others , you can say 我条女,老婆仔,老婆大人/衰公,衰鬼,死鬼。。

How do you say you are beautiful in Cantonese?

nei5 hou2 leng3. 你好靚。 You’re beautiful.

How do you say thank you in Cantonese?

Do1 Ze6 (多謝)

This basically means “Thank You” in Cantonese. This is the common and formal way of saying “thanks”.

How do you say I love you in Hong Kong?

1. Ngo5 Oi3 Nei5 (我愛你.) This is the common way to say I love you in Cantonese.

How do you say boyfriend in Cantonese?

男朋友 (naam4 pang4 jau5) boyfriend (noun)


How do you say handsome in Cantonese?


  1. (chiefly Cantonese) good-looking boy; handsome man (Classifier: 個/个)
  2. (Cantonese, slang) plain steamed rice (Classifier: 個/个; 碗)
  3. (Cantonese, slang) good traffic.

How do you say you are cute in Cantonese?

You are so cute.

  1. 你好可愛。
  2. nei5 hou2 ho2 oi3.
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Why do Chinese say ah so?

Used in representations or imitations of Japanese and (by misidentification) Chinese speech, especially to express affirmation, acknowledgement, understanding, or realization: ‘Ah! ‘; ‘So! ‘; ‘I see! ‘.

What does lay Ho Ma mean?

How Are You (Cantonese) Lay Ho Ma, pronounced lay ho ma. I’m Very Good (Mandarin)

How do you say excuse me in Cantonese?

Please, excuse me or thank you (mm-goi) 唔該

And if you walk up to a stranger and ask a question, you might want to begin with “mm goi” (“excuse me”).

Do Ze thank you?

Hong Kong Cantonese (henceforth HKC) has two phrases which may be translated into English as ‘thank you’ and they are m4-goi1 (唔 該, literally ‘should not’; henceforth m-goi) and do1-ze6 (多謝, literally ‘many thanks’; henceforth do-ze),1 with the numerals indicating lexical tones, following Lee (2005, p.