How do you write Chinese names in a journal?

To maximize clarity and facilitate searching the literature, we suggest that Chinese authors write their surnames in all capital letters and, if their given names are two syllables, hyphenate them.

How do you reference a Chinese name?

The Chinese will state their last name first, followed by the given name (may be one or two syllables). For example, Liu Jianguo, in Chinese would be Mr. Jianguo Liu using the Western style. Never call someone by only his or her last name.

How are Chinese names written?

Unlike English names, Chinese people write their family name (normally a single letter) first and then their given name (one or two letters). … My name is Ma Nan, Ma is my surname and Nan is my given name. Ma is ranked as the 14th most common surname in Mainland China; ‘ma’ literally means ‘horse’.

How do you write initials in Chinese names?

Abbreviation of Chinese personal names: a capital letter followed by a period will be used for each syllable of a Chinese personal name. Hyphens will not be used. As an examples of literature citations and abbreviations: Li Xi Wen, Li Xi-wen, Li Xiwen, X. W. Li, and Li X. W.

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Should I hyphenate my Chinese name?

The surname precedes the name and should always be separately written without the hyphen. If the personal name has two characters they may be written separately, or better connected by a hyphen. … Chinese from the People’s Republic of China are likely to use Pinyin spellings (Mao Zedong) for all proper names.

How do you write Chinese names in pinyin?

Capitalize Proper Nouns in Pinyin

For Chinese people’s names, The surname is capitalized and the given name is capitalized, but two-syllables given names should be written as one word (no space), with no intercaps, and not hyphenated.

Why do some Chinese names have two characters?

Why do some Chinese have one-character given names while others have two? – Quora. There’s no big difference. Both two-character and three-character names are perfectly acceptable and normal. The three-character ones can be more unique and meaningful, while the two-character ones can be more concise and elegant.

Do Chinese names have tones?

Mandarin Chinese has four main tones, and names with the same spelling can have different tones and different meanings. Take a common given name Mei for example. When pronounced in the third tone, it means ‘beautiful’.

Is Wei a first or last name?

Wei is a Chinese given name. The form 伟 (wěi in pinyin) is the most common Chinese given name, accounting for approximately 0.5% of Chinese people.

How do Chinese names work?

Chinese naming conventions arrange names as follows: [FAMILY NAME] [given name]. For example, ZHANG Chen (male) and WANG Xiu (female). The family name (or ‘surname’) is inherited from one’s parents and shared with other members of the individual’s immediate family .

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How do Chinese choose their English name?

Many Chinese celebrities have English names so people choose the same name that their favorite singer or actor uses. Other people choose the names of American movie stars or even a character they play. Some people choose a name from their favorite book, either the author’s or the main character’s name.

Is Zhang a first name or last name?

Zhang is the pinyin romanization of the very common Chinese surname written 张 in simplified characters and 張 in traditional characters. It is spoken in the first tone: Zhāng. It is a surname that exists in many languages and cultures, corresponding to the surname ‘Archer’ in English for example.

Why do Chinese have 3 names?

The first character is the surname / family name. The second character is typically the generational name. This means that all offspring within the same generation would share the same generational name.

Are Chinese names backwards?

Chinese people, except for those traveling or living outside China, rarely reverse their names to the western naming order (given name, then family name). Western publications usually preserve the Chinese naming order, with the family name first, followed by the given name.

Why do Chinese names have dashes?

It is purely different writing convention. Taiwanese put a hyphen to separate the two characters in their first names if applicable. In the meantime, people from mainland China tend to put the pinyin as one phrase. However, a Chinese could tell if it is a two characters first name or not.