How long does Taobao take to deliver in China?

When we order your items on Taobao, it takes approximately 2-5 business days for them to arrive to our warehouse. In very rare occasions, sellers might provide incorrect tracking information or accidentally ship the parcel to a different address.

How long does Taobao shipping take to us?

How long does it take to ship from a Taobao order? – Quora. Collection and dispatch of the order by the seller – usually takes 3 to 7 days. Some sellers may stretch the process and send after two weeks.

How long does shipping within China take?

It takes 5 – 10 days to reach other Asian countries, 7 – 15 days to America and Europe, and 7 – 30 days to other countries. Air mail takes about 15 working days, SAL mail takes about 30 days, and surface mail takes one to two months.

How long does Taobao ship to Singapore?

How long does Taobao delivery to Singapore take?

Shipping option Type of freight How long it takes to ship from warehouse
Taobao Global Direct Shipping Air Within 5 days
Taobao forwarder (DEX, Prouter, ZTO, 4PX) Air Within 5 days
3rd party agent (EZbuy, SGShop, Peeka, Oops) Air 7 to 10 days
Sea 2 to 3 weeks
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How does Taobao international work?

All your items will be sent to Taobao’s warehouse in China to be registered, consolidated and repacked for optimal shipping, and then sent to you via sea freight. You’ll only know the shipping fee after the items arrive at the Taobao warehouse. … Plus, there are some sellers who will refuse to personally ship overseas.

Why do packages from China take so long?

Because China is the origin of a huge number of international parcels, many retailers there do not use the more well known carriers to get parcels to the destination country. There are private companies who consolidate shipments and transport them across long distances and present them to Customs.

Why is my package from China taking forever?

Due to the serious shortage of mail processing capacity, slowdown of production, poor logistics, and business shutdowns caused by COVID-19, some countries and regions even have announced that they have stopped receiving international express. This may cause the delivery of the package delayed as well.

How long does it take to import from China?

7. Track your cargo and get prepared for arrival. Shipping goods internationally takes time. For example, goods shipped from China, on average, take around 14 days to reach the West Coast of United States or 30 days to reach the East Coast.

Does Taobao ship to Philippines?

We will walk you through browsing, purchasing method, and the best thing: with Buyandship you can ship everything from our China warehouse to your doorstep in the Philippines! …

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How long does it take from China to Singapore?

*As regards shipping times from China to Singapore, you should consider around 8-13 days, according to the city of departure in China.

Port of Singapore.

Hong Kong / Shenzhen 8 – 10 days
Tianjin 11 – 12 days
Ningbo 9 – 11 days
Shanghai 11 – 13 days

How long can items stay in Taobao warehouse?

Your items can only be stored at the warehouse for a maximum of 20 days. Subsequently, you’ll be charged ¥1 (Chinese yuan) per day for storage.

Do Taobao ship internationally?

While you may be able to pay using international payment methods for most Taobao goods these days, most Taobao stores do not offer international shipping and even the few that do may not be familiar with it and may not be able to offer you the best shipping rates since Taobao stores are mainly focused on selling to the …

Does Taobao ship to Hong Kong?

We are here to help you source, purchase and arrange delivery for Taobao goods from China to Hong Kong. You can now buy from Taobao, China’s largest online marketplace, at ease.

How do I translate Chinese to English in Taobao App?

To translate the Chinese pages of Taobao, click on the icon (similar to the one on Google Translate) and go under “Translate”. To set English as the translation, go to the icon and then hit “Options”, “Change language”, then choose English and hit “Translate”.