How many calories are in a serving of Chinese chicken salad?

Chinese Chicken Salad (1 serving) contains 17g total carbs, 10g net carbs, 14g fat, 33g protein, and 322 calories.

How many calories are in Chinese chicken salad with rascals?

Personalized health review for User added: rascals Chinese chicken salad: 320 calories, nutrition grade (N/A), problematic ingredients, and more. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products.

How many calories are in an Oriental chicken salad?

Oriental Chicken Salad (1 serving) contains 51g total carbs, 43g net carbs, 49g fat, 33g protein, and 770 calories.

How much is a serving of chicken salad?

Chicken Salad Serving Sizes

A standard serving is about half a cup, which is the equivalent of 2 ounces of chicken and 1/8 cup of vegetables.

How many calories are there in one bowl of salad?

If you’re following a 2,000-calorie-per-day diet and are enjoying the salad as a meal, says Siegel, aim for no more than 500 to 600 calories per serving.

Should I count salad calories?

According to nutrition experts, even the freshest picks should be considered part of your total daily intake if you’re looking to drop pounds by counting calories.

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How many calories are in Applebee’s Oriental Chicken Salad?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 1440 (6025 kJ)
Cholesterol 50 mg 17%
Sodium 1640 mg 68%
Total Carbohydrate 110 g 37%
Dietary Fiber 11 g 44%

How many calories are in Applebees oriental grilled chicken salad?

There are 1250 calories in 1 serving of Applebee’s Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad (Regular).

How many calories are in a crispy chicken salad from Applebees?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 1180 (4937 kJ)
Sodium 2480 mg 103%
Total Carbohydrate 71 g 24%
Dietary Fiber 7 g 28%
Sugars 29 g