How much coal does Australia export to China?

Australian exports account for 58% of the global seaborne trade in metallurgical coal, compared with 21% in thermal coal. In 2019–20, China took a little over a third of Australia’s premium metallurgical coal exports and Australia supplied about 55% of China’s metallurgical coal imports.

How much coal did China import from Australia 2019?

China imported 253.16 million tonnes of coal from Australia between January and October compared with 299.67 million tonnes in 2019. The news came as the Minerals Council of Australia released its New Frontiers research project, outlining opportunities for Australia to boost its mining exports in South and East Asia.

Does China import coal from Australia?

Despite China’s increased need for coal, the customs agency’s data showed imports of thermal coal from Australia remained zero, as they have been since an unofficial ban took place in late 2020. Australia was once China’s largest source of imported coal.

Is Australia still exporting coal to China?

SINGAPORE, Oct 5 (Reuters) – China is releasing Australian coal from bonded storage, despite a nearly year-long unofficial import ban on the fuel, as it scrambles to ease a national power crunch stemming from a coal shortage, traders familiar with the matter said.

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Where does Australia export its coal to?


Australian thermal coal exports
South Korea 2.2 7.1
Taiwan 2.1 4.0
India 2.5 906.3
Vietnam 1.4 -44.4

What percentage of Australian exports go to China?

In the 2018-2019 fiscal year, China took in about 32.6% of all Australian exports — that is about 153.2 billion Australian dollars ($116.79 billion). By far the largest export was iron ore.

Who is Australia biggest coal exporter?

Indonesia exports about 87% of its coal production. In 2016, Australia was the biggest net exporter of coal, with 32% of global exports (389 Mt out of 1,213 Mt total). It was still the fourth-highest producer with 6.9% of global production (503 Mt out of 7,269 Mt total).

What is Australian coal used for in China?

After all, coal makes up nearly 60% of China’s energy consumption, so its steady supply is critical for the country’s energy security. Australia is the world’s largest exporter of metallurgical (or coking) coal, used to make steel.

Who is the biggest exporter of coal in the world?

Indonesia remained the world’s largest exporter of coal (by weight) with total exports of 455 Mt in 2019.

Which country buys Australian coal?

India is buying Australian coal that’s been stranded inside China for months, according to people who have made the purchases, spotlighting how geopolitics is complicating Beijing’s battle against an energy supply crisis.