How much is a taxi license in Hong Kong?

Taxi owners are required to pay an annual vehicle licence fee (i.e. road tax) of HK$3,159 irrespective of the age or engine capacity of the vehicles.

How do I get a taxi Licence in Hong Kong?

“In Hong Kong, you need to carry a private-car driving license for at least three years before you can apply and take the test for a taxi license. The test itself consists of three sections: a multiple-choice section on housing estates, 20 questions on taxi rules, and 100 questions on traffic regulations.

What is the starting fare of a taxi in HK?

How much is the taxi fare in Hong Kong? The basic fee is HK$24.00, the kilometer price is HK$6.00 – HK$8.50. For standing and waiting time, HK$84.00 is charged per hour.

Who owns Hong Kong taxis?

Although a few taxis are independently owned and operated, the vast majority are owned by 17 independent taxi companies that rent out taxis on a shift basis to 40,000 self-employed drivers.

How do you pay for taxis in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong taxis usually accept cash only, and only a small portion of the taxis bearing the Union Pay logo can be paid by Union Pay cards.

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Why are Hong Kong taxis so old?

The government has created and prolonged the mess by allowing taxi licenses to be traded like flats, bought and sold by non-drivers. … According to the Transport Department, more than half of Hong Kong taxis are at least seven years old.

How is taxi fare calculated?

Usually, taxi fares charge both for minutes the taxi is used and for distance traveled. The meter usually charges a quarter or so per tenth of a mile (km). However, if the ride takes longer than expected, charges per amount of minutes may also be assessed. … Taximeters determine how much a passenger owes for a taxi ride.

Is Uber operating in Hong Kong?

Although Uber has been operating in Hong Kong for seven years, ride-hailing services are not legal without a hire-car permit and the firm has been under attack by the taxi industry, with 40,000 active drivers for 18,163 licensed cabs.

What is the plural of taxi?

plural taxis ˈtak-​sēz also taxies.

Are Hong Kong taxis expensive?

Is taxi in Hong Kong expensive? Taxis in Hong Kong are actually very reasonably priced. There are three different types of taxi in the city (red, green and blue) but the most common is the red Urban Taxi.

Why is uber illegal in Hong Kong?

Uber operates in Hong Kong in what is best described as a legal “grey area” – a situation caused by a number of factors including the unique nature of its business, outdated transport legislation and a seeming unwillingness of the authorities to tackle reform of the taxi and private hire industry.

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Is Uber cheaper than taxi in Hong Kong?

Uber often brags that hailing an UberX is “cheaper than a taxi.” But in Hong Kong, that’s no longer necessarily the case. … In short, while longer rides will likely be priced roughly the same between the two services, shorter rides will be more expensive when hailed via Uber.