Is Higher Chinese worth it?

Learning Higher Chinese will give primary and secondary level students a strong foundation in their language learning. They’ll have a better understanding of Chinese grammar. They’ll have more vocabulary too. … This is a huge advantage, especially if they are entering an SAP or IP secondary school.

Does higher Chinese help in PSLE?

What is higher Chinese? Higher Chinese is advanced Chinese which has like 20-30% more words than standard Chinese and the test paper requires a higher level of mastery of comprehension and composition. And it does not affect psle score that much.

How does higher Chinese help in Psle 2021?

They can also take up Higher Mother Tongue if they have an overall PSLE score of 9 to 14 and attain AL1 or AL2 in their mother tongue, or obtain distinction or merit in their higher Chinese PSLE. This means that PSLE Higher Chinese score will impact whether your child can take up the subject at secondary school level.

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Is it compulsory to take Higher Chinese in SAP school?

A: No. Anglican High School is a Special-Assistance Plan (SAP) school. All students enrolled must offer Higher Chinese/ Chinese.

How does higher Chinese help in O level?

Answer : A student who passes both English and Higher Chinese at the GCE ‘O’ Level Examination and who qualifies for admission to a Junior College will be given a concession of two points in his application to the Junior College of his/her choice.

Should my child take Higher Chinese?

If you or your child displays a keen interest in Chinese Language and Culture and you are planning to enrol into an IP school or SAP school, then yes you should take Higher Chinese. … Remember that O level has 7-9 subjects for your child to handle and Higher Chinese is a demanding subject which can be avoided.

How many students take higher Chinese?

At the 2018 O-Levels, 31 per cent of Chinese language students took Higher Chinese, up by 5 percentage points in the past decade. That figure was 34 per cent, up from 12 per cent for Higher Tamil and 14 per cent, up 2 percentage points, for Higher Malay.

What happens if fail Chinese in PSLE?

Unlike O levels, where there are quite severe consequences for failing critical subjects like ‘O’ level English or Maths, there is no penalty specifically for failing a certain PSLE subject. … PSLE takes into account all 4 subjects. So even if you failed English or Chinese or any subject, it doesn’t matter.

What is the fail mark for PSLE?

Myth 2: The new passing mark for PSLE subjects is 65 based on the new AL6 band. Fact: There is no passing or failing mark for each PSLE subject, or the PSLE as a whole.

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What happens if a child fails PSLE?

The PSLE score is important to your child, as it determines whether your child can move on to Secondary School. Currently, students who fail the PSLE have 2 options: to retake the PSLE a year later or to advance to a vocational school.

Who got the highest PSLE score 2020?


Year Primary School Highest

Is Psle 2021 hard?

“It is an examination after all, and thus, both easy and tough questions are set to test the child’s knowledge and the goal is to send them to schools and streams best suited for them,” says Wei. … Low also doesn’t think 2021 was the hardest PSLE year as compared to the last few years.

What is distinction for Higher Chinese?

For Higher Mother Tongue, the grades and mark range are as follows: Distinction (≥80-100) Merit (65-79) Pass (50-64) Ungraded (<50)

Is mother tongue compulsory for O level?

Compulsory subjects include English Language, Mother Tongue Language, Mathematics, Science and the Humanities. Optional subjects are wide-ranging, and further nurture your child’s abilities.

What is the best secondary school in Singapore?

Secondary School Ranking based on PSLE 2019 scores

Secondary Schools Status
1 Nanyang Girls’ High School Independent
2 Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) Independent
3 Raffles Institution Independent
4 Hwa Chong Institution Independent

Can you be exempted from mother tongue in JC?

The Mother Tongue Language (MTL) policy requires all students (including international students) to offer an MTL. … Students who have obtained a D7 or better in Higher MTL at ‘O’ level as they would have been deemed to have fulfilled the MTL requirement. Students who are officially exempted from taking MTL.

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