Is it safe to buy from China on eBay?

Unfortunately, there have been many instances of counterfeit, fake, or knock-off goods sold on eBay, particularly those from China. Exercise caution when purchasing high-dollar items, such as luxury purses, new iPhones, and cameras.

Why is stuff from China so cheap on eBay?

The ePacket service offered by China Post and the USPS ships by air at ridiculously low prices. EBay and the USPS are helping China dump good in the US at subsidized prices. If you look at wholesale prices in China, they are pretty close to the eBay prices AFTER shipping for many items.

Is it safe to buy from eBay right now?

For Buyers – eBay is very safe. Their platform combined with PayPal’s protection is one of the safest places for buyers to purchase anything. … Sellers need to do their due diligence before selling anything on the platform since eBay almost always sides with the buyer when things go wrong.

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How long are deliveries from China taking?

Estimated Delivery Time in Different Procedures

Procedure Ordinary Mail (Untraceable) EUB (Traceable)
Days from China to the Destination Country 15-40 days 7-15 days
Transit Time to Local Post Office for Delivery 5-10 days 2-3 days
Delivery 1-2 days 1-2 days
Total 25-60 days 14-28 days

Why is shipping free from China?

If you’re ordering a product from China, shipping may be free because the seller made it free as an incentive. Really, they’re probably making up the cost of shipping in the price.

How can you tell if an eBay seller is legit?

Generally, look for sellers that have a higher number of feedback ratings. If you’re looking at a product and the seller has 300 feedback ratings and a positive feedback score of 98%, it indicates a very reputable seller. You don’t have to investigate this seller further.

What should I not buy on eBay?

Popular Posts

  • Food. Okay, you may be thinking, why not? …
  • Handmade Crafts. You are allowed to sell these on eBay, but you may well not get as good of a price for your work as you would on …
  • Items that need authentication. …
  • Jewelry. …
  • Large items. …
  • Heavy Items. …
  • Counterfeit (bootlegged) items. …
  • Cigarettes and Cigars.

How do you know if a buyer is scamming you on eBay?

eBay Scams to Avoid as a Buyer

  1. Seller Runs Off With Your Money. …
  2. Seller Ships With an Incorrect Name. …
  3. Misleading Listings for an Empty Box. …
  4. Buyer Offers to Overpay. …
  5. Buyer Wants to Settle Outside eBay. …
  6. Buyer Claims You Shipped an Empty Box. …
  7. Buyer Threatens Refund With Broken Replica. …
  8. Buyer Claims “Item Not Received” to PayPal.
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Why is my parcel from China taking so long?

Longer delivery times are due to, on one hand, the infrequent air traffic and piles of parcels in countries of origin (especially China) waiting for transport and on the other hand, the 2+2 requirements and other rules for work rooms where parcels are handled.

Why can’t I track my package from China?

For no tracking records of your tracking number, it may because the sender hasn’t shipped it. Or, you typed the numbers wrongly. You’d better contact the sender to make sure the parcel has been sent and you typed the correct number. If you still can’t get any result, better contact the sender to ask if it’s traceable.

How do I track something from China? is a pretty handy portal to track packages from China and it is translated in quite a few languages! It is very easy to use, you simply copy-past your tracking number on the homepage and click on “track” to find the progress of the shipping of your package.

Does China subsidized shipping?

Chinese news reports indicate that the changes mean China will pay a lot more in subsidies to have its small parcels delivered abroad — a 27% increase in 2020. Between 2020 and 2025, logistical costs for exporting small parcels from China are expected to increase 164%.

Can anyone buy from Alibaba?

Can anyone order through Alibaba? Yes, anyone can order through Alibaba, whether they’re an individual or a company. Alibaba lets you order bulk products from manufacturers in China.

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How do Chinese sellers ship so cheaply?

Chinese products are inexpensive due to mass production and low labor costs which get shipped all around the world. … They are focused on mass production which reduces their overall cost significantly and enables the products to be made even cheaper.