Is train travel cheap in China?

China Train Travel. Traveling by train is one of the cheapest and most comfortable ways to travel around China. It is also the safest way compared with traveling by air, by coach and by sea. This mode of travel is becoming increasingly popular with both natives and foreign travelers alike.

Are trains expensive in China?

From Beijing to Shanghai, a soft sleeper non-bullet rail ticket costs around CNY500, a second class seat China high speed rail ticket costs around CNY550, while the full airfare of an economy class is over CNY1,000.

How much is train in China?

As of 2019, the length of railways in China totaled 139,000 km (86,371 mi), including 59% double tracked (83,000 km) and 71.9% electrified (100,000 km), and 35,000 kilometres (21,748 miles) of high-speed rail (HSR) network.

Is High Speed Rail cheaper than flying in China?

High-speed train tickets are often more expensive than flying. For all longer routes, I flew, save time and money. I found flyIng in China to be on time and efficient, prices are very cheap, US$60-$120 one way on most routes, bottom line, flying is cheaper and faster.

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How much is a train ticket in Beijing?

Beijing – Shanghai Bullet Train Ticket Prices

Train Types Seat Classes Price
G trains 1st class seat 933 CNY (US$142)
2nd class seat 553 CNY (US$84)
Overnight D trains Soft sleeper (four berths in a private compartment) 740 CNY (US$110)
Hard sleeper (six berths in an open-plan compartment) 550 CNY (US$79)

Is there a bullet train in China?

The Shanghai Maglev is the world’s first high-speed commercial magnetic levitation (“maglev”) line, whose trains run on non-conventional track and reach a top speed of 430 km/h (267 mph). In 2020, China started testing a maglev prototype train that runs at 600 km/h and planned a 2025 launch date.

Is China High Speed Rail profitable?

It was profitable every year between 2014 and 2019, according to national railway operator China State Railway Group Co. It is also known as “the most profitable” rail line, with annual growth rate of profits registered at 39.4 percent from 2014 to 2019.

Is Chinese railway private?

Chinese railway is also owned by the public. Three kinds of operation and management models have been seen in its history of development.

Which country has best railway system?


Rank Country Area (km2) per km track
1 United States 65.55
2 China 65.62
3 Russia 199.98
4 India 48.8

Did China steal Japan’s high speed train?

It appears the Japanese are not accusing China of theft, but Japan regrets the technology transfer and licenses it gave China. Chinese high speed rail has nothing to do with Japanese Shinkansen. Both the Japanese and French refused tech transfer, Chinese initial work on high speed rail is with the Germans.

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Which is faster airplane or bullet train?

With high-speed rail, train travel is always faster than driving. In many cases, it’s even faster than flying, once you factor in the whole air travel song-and-dance. … A high-speed train would be three times faster than driving—2.5 hours vs. 7.5 hours.

Is bullet train cheaper than plane?

Price. For short distances, flights are more expensive than bullet trains. Bullet trains, therefore, may be more expensive than flights for long distances.

Is Shanghai better than Beijing?

Both Beijing and Shanghai are international cities. There are all kinds of day activities and night life in these two cities. Beijing is a good place to learn about Chinese history and culture, while Shanghai is a good city for understanding China’s fast development.

How far is Xian from Shanghai by train?

The Shanghai to Xi’an high-speed rail line measures 1,387 kilometers (862 miles). There are 10 pairs of daytime high-speed trains (G trains) in service between Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Xi’an North Railway Station daily, with the travel time of 6 to 7.5 hours.

How far is Xian from Beijing by train?

Taking a high speed train is one of the best ways to travel between Beijing and Xian. It is clean, comfortable, modern and cheap! It is fast, running a speed of 250 to 300 km/h. Hence, the 1216 KM bullet train journey between Beijing and Xian is shortened to about 4.5-6 hours.