Question: How many calories are in a Chinese chicken curry with egg fried rice?

Chinese Chicken Curry With Egg Fried Rice (1 pack) contains 72.4g total carbs, 63g net carbs, 15g fat, 38g protein, and 554 calories.

How many calories are in a Chinese takeaway chicken curry?

Chinese Chicken Curry (0.5 pack) contains 13.6g total carbs, 9.6g net carbs, 15g fat, 17g protein, and 245 calories.

How many calories are in chicken and egg fried rice?

Chicken fried rice: 343 calories

Chicken breast contains a good amount of protein per serving, along with moderate amounts of fat and calories.

How many calories are in an average Chinese takeaway?

According to the independent cross-border study, an average takeaway of a vegetable spring roll starter, sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice has 2,184 calories — 109% of an adult’s total daily calorie count.

Is egg fried rice high in calories?

Normally egg fried rice is packed with unhealthy calories from tons of cooking oil. However, this healthy version is much better for you and the egg adds protein, vitamins, and nutrients. Eggs can be a great part of a healthy diet and are a good source of protein as well as tons of nutrients.

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What Chinese takeaway has the least calories?

Clear varieties contain the fewest calories –hot and sour has just 80. But even crab or chicken and sweetcorn soup come in at a reasonable 170 calories.  Choose main dishes made with beef, chicken or prawns (that aren’t battered or fried).

How many calories in a Chinese takeaway curry sauce?

Chinese Curry Sauce (1 serving) contains 51g total carbs, 51g net carbs, 19g fat, 7.7g protein, and 408 calories.

Is fried rice good for weight loss?

Generally, fried white rice will not help you lose weight, especially the calorie-filled, soy sauce covered take-out varieties! However, if you’re eating a dish similar to our recipe, it’s much lower in calories and fat with a decent amount of filling fiber, helping you eat less food during the day.

How many calories is in a chicken chow mein?

In need of a quick, healthy evening meal? This chicken chow mein recipe is ready in under 25 minutes and is below 500 calories per serving.

How many calories does Chinese rice have?

Chinese Restaurant Steamed White Rice (1 cup, loosely packed) contains 44.7g total carbs, 43.5g net carbs, 0.4g fat, 4.2g protein, and 199 calories.

Is Chinese food high in calories?

Many of the dishes on the menu at Chinese restaurants are high in fat, calories and sodium. For example, eating 3 cups of kung pao chicken will provide you with 1,302 calories and an astonishing 92 grams of fat. Add a cup of chicken fried rice and you add another 333 calories and 12 grams of fat.

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How many calories is in Chinese egg fried rice?

An average portion of egg fried rice contains 727 calories. An average portion of egg fried rice contains 727 calories.

Is Chinese fried rice high in calories?

Chinese take-out chicken fried rice is calorie-dense. According to the USDA, chicken fried rice calories clock in at 220 per cup. Based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet, this is is 11 percent of your caloric needs.

How many calories are in Chinese combination fried rice?

Combination Fried Rice (1 cup) contains 32g total carbs, 30g net carbs, 5g fat, 8g protein, and 200 calories.