Question: Is English widely spoken in Hong Kong?

The proportion of the Hong Kong population who report using English (that is, all forms) as their “usual spoken language” increased from 2.8% in 2006 to 4.3% in 2016, while 51.1%, 63.5% and 65.6% respectively, reported being able to speak, write and read the language.

Can you live in Hong Kong only speaking English?

People Hong Kong can generally speak English so there shouldn’t be any problem in your daily life and your work.

Can I speak English in Hong Kong?

English is an official language in Hong Kong. A Good portion of secondary schools, and all universities in Hong Kong are using English as the medium of instruction. Therefore, most Hong Kong people can speak good English despite an ascent that may not be widely acceptable.

How many Hong Kongers can speak English?

1. The results of the 2016 Population By-census showed that the proportion of the population aged 5 and over who reported that they could speak English, either as the usual spoken language or as another spoken language, increased from 43.9% in 2006 to 51.9% in 2016.

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What is the most spoken language in Hong Kong?

Cantonese remains dominant with 96% percent. As for Mandarin, 48% of Hong Kong’s population can speak it, compared to 46% of population that can speak English. Previously, English was the second most spoken language.

Do I need to learn Mandarin to live in Hong Kong?

89.5% of the population in Hong Kong speak Cantonese. Besides, Cantonese is spoken in large parts of Southern China, not only Hong Kong. That’s why many people will recommend you learn Cantonese if you plan to stay in Hong Kong for a long time. … If you want to be more widely understood, you should learn Mandarin.

Does Singapore speak English?

The population of Singapore today is more than 75% Chinese, about 15% Malay, about 8% ‘Indian’ (mainly Tamil), and roughly 2% other origins, but about half of the population now speak English (or Singlish) at home. And Singlish is the neutral language between members of different ethnic groups.

What style of English is spoken in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is like a big pot which inside are immigrants from different countries globally. Most local guys speak English mixed with strong Cantonese tone. There are also new immigrant from mainland China, most of them highly educated graduates, speaking Chinese English, which is always called Chinglish.

Are Hong Kong people bilingual?

Hong Kong is an officially bilingual territory. Under article 9 of the Hong Kong Basic Law, and the Official Languages Ordinance, Both Chinese and English are equally official languages of the territory.

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Why do they speak English in Singapore?

English became the lingua franca due to British rule of Singapore, and was made the main language upon Singaporean independence. Thus, English is the medium of instruction in schools, and is also the main language used in formal settings such as in government departments and the courts.

How do you say hello in Hong Kong?

Neih hou (pronounced “nay-ho”) is used to say hello in Hong Kong. The pronunciation of hou is something between “ho” and “how.” But realistically, saying a simple hello (same as in English but with a little more “haaa-lo”) is extremely common for informal situations!

Do Hong Kong speak Chinese?

As the majority of the population in Hong Kong are descendants of migrants from China’s Canton Province, the vast majority speak standard Cantonese or other Yue Chinese varieties as a first language, with smaller numbers of speakers of Hakka Language or the Teochew dialect of Southern Min.

How do you say hello in Cantonese?

1. Non Time-Sensitive Hello in Cantonese. The universal greeting in Cantonese is 你好, which literally translates as “you good.” Both of the syllables should be pronounced using rising tones, with the second tone slightly higher than the first. If someone says 你好 to you, you can simply respond with 你好 as well.