Quick Answer: Can you learn Chinese with only pinyin?

Absolutely you can; you’ve got to be innovative though, ‘cos there’s no ready-made learning resources available. One thing to remember. Pinyin can be used to write Chinese.

Can I learn Chinese with just pinyin?

Some students may protest, pinyin is easy to learn, and it is so handy. MSL Master teaches pinyin as well! … For zero beginners, pinyin makes Mandarin accessible and approachable. Students can get a hang of it quickly, and be able to speak some basic Mandarin without any knowledge of Chinese characters.

Can we just learn pinyin and not Chinese character?

Can I just learn pinyin instead and get by? The answer is NO. You can’t read or write Chinese without characters. The Chinese language is always written in Chinese characters, as opposed to pinyin.

Is it better to learn Chinese without pinyin?

It’s true that some ways of learning are more efficient than others, but learning Chinese only through pinyin is certainly not the way to go. While pinyin is very useful in the beginning, it’s problem resides in the phonetics of mandarin. … In other words, the logic of Chinese is found in characters and not in sound.

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Can I learn Chinese without writing?

Yes, one can learn to speak Chinese without learning to write. Before literacy and public education was widespread (pre-1949) the majority of Chinese people were illiterate.

When should I stop using pinyin?

Ideally, you should be ditching pinyin as a reading tool as soon as possible. It’s perfectly fine to rely on for learning new words, but there’s not much of a point to sticking with it after you start being able to recognize/recall some characters.

Is learning pinyin hard?

Pinyin helps you ”spell” Chinese words in the Roman alphabet, but more importantly, Pinyin helps you pronounce all of the Mandarin sounds and tones correctly. You should learn Pinyin (which is not difficult to do at all) before you do anything in Chinese.

Is learning pinyin enough?

Most definitely! Pinyin is a tool to help people learn Chinese, and for use of Chinese in non-Chinese language contexts – a guide to the sound system. If you want to learn the language, learn the whole language. The characters are one of the big reasons that Chinese is harder to learn (plus that it’s tonal).

Is pinyin easier to learn?

The fact is: it’s much easier to learn to read and write characters once you already know the sound and meaning of the words. Once you start learning characters, pinyin becomes just a pronunciation hint to help recognize the characters. … That way you’ll learn the language as a native speaker does.

Can I learn to speak Mandarin without reading?

Yes. You don’t need too much handwriting, and you can type the characters on PCs or smart phones according its pronunciation. So it is enough if you can read them and can distinguish the characters with similar pronunciation/appearance.

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Is Pinyin necessary?

As any learner of Chinese knows, learning pinyin (拼音, pīnyīn), a Romanized system of writing Chinese words, can be very useful in the learning process. There are many opinions about how it should be used, but most people would argue that for beginners (especially adult beginners), it is essential.

What are the difficulties of learning Chinese?

Chinese may be a rewarding language to study – and a difficult one. Nothing works the way you are used to, grammar is completely different from what we are used to in European languages, pronunciation rules are incomprehensible, and the writing system is complicated.

Why is Pinyin used?

It is often used to teach Standard Mandarin, which is normally written using Chinese characters. … Pinyin without tone marks is used to spell Chinese names and words in languages written with the Latin alphabet and also in certain computer input methods to enter Chinese characters.

Does Chinese take longer to write?

Written Chinese is dense, so though comprehension of characters is slower than letters, meaning is conveyed at the same rate as in English. … That’s because each syllable in a fast-sounding language like Spanish has less meaning than a slower one like English or Chinese.

Do Chinese write in characters?

There’s no Chinese alphabet. Instead, each word is represented by a character, or a compound of two or three characters. … All over the country, Chinese people are forgetting how to write their own language without computerised help.

Is Chinese easy to write?

Time-consuming, yes. Difficult, no. This is quite different from European languages, which start off easy, but quickly escalate in difficulty as you encounter complicated grammar, tenses, case endings, technical vocabulary and so on. Making words from Chinese characters you already know is easy and really fun.

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