Quick Answer: What is the average elevation of Hong Kong?

The average elevation range of Hong Kong is 479 m (1,572 ft). The highest point of Hong Kong is Tai Mo Shan, with its official height being 958 m (3,143 ft). The lowest point of Hong Kong is China Sea. The elevation difference between the highest (Tai Mo Shan) and lowest (China Sea) points of Hong Kong is 958 m (2 ft).

What is Hong Kong elevation?

957 m (3,140 ft) Lowest elevation. (South China Sea) 0 m (0 ft) Population.

How much of Hong Kong is mountainous?

The land area makes Hong Kong the 179th largest habited territory in the world. As much of Hong Kong’s terrain is hilly to mountainous with steep slopes, less than 25% of the territory’s landmass is developed, and about 40% of the remaining land area is reserved as country parks and nature reserves.

Does Hong Kong have a high quality of life?

All in all, Hong Kong ranks 25th out of 67 countries in the Quality of Life Index. The Travel & Transport subcategory boosts the ranking in this index, as the ratings for the Health & Well-Being, Leisure Options, and Personal Happiness subcategories are indeed below average.

Does Hong Kong have mountains?

Though known more for its skyscrapers, densely packed Hong Kong has a surprisingly high number of mountains and hiking trails. Some 40% of its land is dedicated to country parks and nature reserves, including the Tai Mo Shan Country Park, where Tai Mo Shan lies.

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How big is Hong Kong in miles?

Most of Singapore is no more than 15 metres above sea level. The highest point of Singapore is Bukit Timah Hill, with a height from ground of 165 m (538 ft) and made up of igneous rock, granite.