Quick Answer: Where is China getting its coal?

New customs data out late Tuesday showed that much of the coal came from Russia and Indonesia — not Australia. In 2019, the country had accounted for about 38% of China’s imports of thermal coal, the primary fuel for electricity production.

Where does China get most of its coal from?

China fulfills its demand for coal by purchasing it from regional neighbors. In 2019, about 96.3 percent of China’s coal imports came from Australia (77 million metric tons), Indonesia (47.8 million metric tons), Mongolia (36.1 million tons), and Russia (29.2 million metric tons).

Where does China get coal now?

According to the Global Times, China is currently seeking imports of coal from “Indonesia, Russia, and Mongolia. China’s Zhejiang province had brought in its first shipment of thermal coal from Kazakhstan.” From a supply point of view, Russia, Mongolia, and Indonesia are closer to China than Australia.

Is China still buying coal from Australia?

“Australian coal that was sitting at port stockpiles were cleared by Chinese customs last month to address an acute shortage in China’s coal and power sector,” he said. China has resumed buying Australian coal but an expert says it will probably not ‘meaningfully’ relax the unofficial ban in the foreseeable future.

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How much of China’s coal comes from Australia?

In 2019–20, China took a little over a third of Australia’s premium metallurgical coal exports and Australia supplied about 55% of China’s metallurgical coal imports.

Does China buy coal from us?

Most immediately, though, U.S. coal exports went from practically zero last October to 1.56 million tons in June. (China imported 28.4 million tons of coal that same month.) China is the world’s largest coal importer.

Why is there a shortage of coal in China?

Chinese authorities have rushed to address a coal shortage in the country since late September, after many factories were forced to cut production.

Why is China banning Australian coal?

Australian coal was unofficially banned in China late last year as part of a wider campaign of economic coercion which restricted about $20 billion of exports, including wine, beef, barley and seafood.

How much of China’s coal is imported?

Coal Imports

China imports 6% of its Coal consumption (272,221,858 tons in 2016).

What has China banned from Australia?

China last year imposed trade restrictions on Australian lobster, beef, cotton and timber exports, placed tariffs of up to 212 per cent on wine and 80 per cent tariffs on barley, and blocked coal and copper exports.

Who is buying Australian coal?

Indian firms have bought nearly 2 million tons of Australian thermal coal that has been sitting in warehouses at the Chinese ports, the people said.