What does Ay ya mean in Chinese?

What does Aye ya mean in Chinese?

Interjection. aiya. (China, Hong Kong, Singapore, informal) ah; oh; exclamatory phrase expressing surprise, blame, dismay, shock, or fear.

What does aye yah mean?

ai yahinterjection. An exclamatory phrase used by Chinese (and more often, Chinglish) speakers to express dismay, shock, or fear.

Why do Chinese say hiya?

exclamation. (chiefly among Chinese speakers) used to express dismay, exasperation, or surprise. ‘Aiyah, it is the company that counts. ‘

What does Aya mean in Chinese?

ā yā interjection of surprise Oh my! Example Usage Strokes.

What is Fuiyoh?

Fuiyoh is the opposite of haiya. Fuiyoh is supposed to express happiness as what uncle roger said. A somewhat funny motivational design for those with a sense of humor.

What does yah mean in Chinese?

/jɑː/ /jʌ/ → yes. 是的(表示赞同) Yah, okay, I understand what you’re saying.

How do you say aiyah in Chinese?


  1. Mandarin (Pinyin): āiyā, āiyá (Zhuyin): ㄞㄧㄚ, ㄞㄧㄚˊ
  2. Cantonese (Jyutping): aai1 aa1
  3. Min Nan (POJ): ai-ia / ai–ia.

Is Haiya a bad word?

Your interpretation of “Haiya” can also be attributed to the fact that the expression is merely a verbal exclamation which allows the speaker to convey some degree of negativity before starting on his main message. Hence, there isn’t a big difference when someone says “ai ya” and “hai ya”.

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What does Rice bucket mean in Chinese?

rice bucket; good-for-nothing. 饭 (Fàn): n.

Is Aiya Cantonese?

‘Ai yah’ is one of the most versatile phrases in Cantonese.