What does Bob is like a bull in a china shop today mean?

: a person who breaks things or who often makes mistakes or causes damage in situations that require careful thinking or behavior.

What does a bull in a china closet mean?

to often drop or break things because you move awkwardly or roughly. Rob’s like a bull in a china shop – don’t let him near those plants. She’s like a bull in a china shop when it comes to dealing with people’s feelings. (= behaves in a way that offends people) source: Cambridge Dict.

Is bull in a china shop a metaphor?

Like a bull in a china shop means behaving in a clumsy manner, behaving in a reckless manner, rushing head-long into a situation without forethought. … The idiom like a bull in a china shop may have its roots in a metaphor provided by Aesop of an ass in a pottery shop.

Where does the saying a bull in a china shop come from?

The phrase comes from literally imagining a bull in a shop that sells crockery, also known as china from it close association with the Chinese markets. It is speculated to have originated in the 1800’s in America in Frederick Marryat’s novel called “Jacob Faithful” published in the year 1834.

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What does a bowl in a china cabinet mean?

The phrase a bull in a china shop refers to a person who accidentally breaks things out of clumsiness. Note: This idiom is sometimes confused as “a bowl in a china shop.” …

What does Happiness is the china shop love is the bull mean?

quote: happiness is the china shop, love is the bull.

My understanding, after I looked up “bull in a china shop”, to this quote is: love to happiness is like a bull to a china shop, that is to say, for people as clumsy as a bull, love will ruin happiness.

What does fish out of water mean?

A person away from his or her usual environment or activities. For example, Using a computer for the first time, Carl felt like a fish out of water, or On a hiking trail, Nell was a fish out of water. This expression alludes to the fact that fish cannot survive for long on dry land. [ Late 1300s]

What does it mean when someone says Fly like the wind?

If someone or something runs or moves like the wind, they run or move very quickly.

What does that boy is in the doghouse mean?

informal. : in a bad situation because someone is angry at one : in trouble He’s in the doghouse for forgetting his wife’s birthday.

What does it mean putting the cart before the horse?

Definition of put the cart before the horse

: to do things in the wrong order People are putting the cart before the horse by making plans on how to spend the money before we are even certain that the money will be available.

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What is the meaning of the idiom smell a rat?

smell a rat. Suspect something is wrong, especially a betrayal of some kind. For example, When I didn’t hear any more from my prospective employer, I began to smell a rat. This expression alludes to a cat sniffing out a rat. [