What does the Chinese government scholarship cover?

A Chinese Government full scholarship covers tuition (or research) fees, basic learning materials, accommodation, living allowance, emergency medical care, comprehensive medical issuance fro international students under Chinese government scholarship, a once only settlement subsidy and a once only inter-city travel …

What is the Chinese government scholarship?

The Chinese Government Scholarship Scheme

Established by the MOE in accordance with educational exchange agreements or MOUs reached by the Chinese government and governments of other countries or international organizations, it provides both full and partial scholarships for international students and scholars.

What is included in CSC scholarship?

The full scholarship typically includes all tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation, and some intercity travel. The amount of living expenses depend on whether you are a chinese language student, undergraduate, master’s or PhD student.

Is it hard to get a scholarship in China?

Generally speaking, it is more difficult to get the scholarship in universities that international students are satisfied with the quality of the education they receive in bachelor or master degree program.

What is the deadline for Chinese Government Scholarship?

(3) The deadline for 2021 CSC Scholarship – Chinese University Program is April 30, 2021.

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What is a full scholarship?

Definition of full scholarship

: an amount of money that is given by a school, an organization, etc., to a student and that pays all of a student’s tuition attending college on a full scholarship.

How do I get CSC Scholarship 2021?

How to apply for the Chinese Government (CSC) Scholarships

  1. Go to the webpage of the universities that offer CSC Scholarships. …
  2. Create an account on the CSC website.
  3. Fill up the Chinese Government (CSC) Scholarship Application Form.
  4. Select category B for CSC Scholarship.

What is Agency number for Chinese Government Scholarship?

Note: The agency number of UESTC is 10614.

How can I get CSC scholarship in China?

How to apply for the CSC Scholarship?

  1. Create your profile and CSC scholarship web account.
  2. Fill CSC Scholarship Online Application Form.
  3. Make separate CSC portal accounts if you wish to apply to many Universities.
  4. Find the agency number of Chinese university where you want to study.

What GPA is required for a scholarship in China?

Scholarships are highly competitive. To increase your chances of getting a scholarship, you need to have atleast a cumulative GPA of 3.3 on a 4 point scale (80 point GPA on a 100 point scale) or above to get a scholarship.

How can I learn Chinese for free?

How to Study in China for Free

  1. Apply to Universities in China. …
  2. Have affordable universities in China on your list. …
  3. Prepare your credentials early. …
  4. Prepare your application early. …
  5. Look for Scholarships in China. …
  6. Look for Scholarships from your own government. …
  7. Look for External Scholarships. …
  8. Lower your cost of living.
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