What is AA in China?

Welcome To China AA, Alcoholics Anonymous in the People’s Republic of China. … More and more meetings have sprung up all across China. They are all listed here. Many of us have started meetings and have invited Chinese and English speaking members of AA in China to attend.

What does AA mean in Chinese?

Paying the bill by “AA制 (zhì) Going Dutch” is common among young Chinese when they are in school and not earning an income. Once graduated and earning money, they will generally not choose “AA制 (zhì)”; one friend, family member or colleague will pick up the entire bill for the group.

What does AA mean in slang?

“Alcoholics Anonymous” is the most common definition for AA on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. AA. Definition: Alcoholics Anonymous.

What does AA bill mean?

The Australian Assistance and Access Bill (AA Bill) is legislation introduced and passed in 2018 by the Parliament of Australia to support law enforcement and security agencies in their ability to collect evidence from electronic devices.

What does AA mean in dating?

In personal ads, AA often means African American, although it could also refer to Asian American.

Who should pay on the first date AA?

It starts, before you even leave for the date, with your expectations. Men should expect to pay for the whole thing, while women should expect to pay for their half of the bill. Men, when you offer to pay — yes, you’re going to offer to pay, at least at first — don’t make a big show of it. The humbler the better.

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What is AA in league?

AA stands for auto-attack. Because you don’t have to click once every time your character is ready to attack, it is so called auto-attack.

Can we go dutch?

To “go Dutch” implies an informal agreement that each person will pay his or her own expenses during a date.

What is no BB mean?

Bareback. BB is often used on online dating sites, as well as in text messages and on chat forums, with the meaning “Bareback” to refer to having sexual intercourse without a condom.

What does QV mean?

“QV” is a Quick Visit, a 15 minute or less sexual encounter. Other terms, like “roses,” “kisses” or “donations” are used to talk about money.