What is an Octopus card in Hong Kong?

Do I need an Octopus card in Hong Kong?

Octopus – A Must Have Accessory in Hong Kong. The Octopus card is a contactless smart card, and is mostly used to pay for rides on the MTR, buses, minibuses, ferries, trams and on a few taxis equipped with Octopus readers. It was introduced in 1997 as a payment method on the MTR.

How do I get a Octopus card in Hong Kong?

How to apply

  1. Click the Octopus Mastercard icon in the Octopus App.
  2. Tap “Apply” and accept Terms and Conditions.
  3. Tap “OK” to complete the application, and your Octopus Mastercard is ready!

Is Octopus a debit card?

Octopus Mastercard is a reloadable virtual Platinum prepaid card which allows you to shop globally at online merchants accepting Mastercard*. Purchases made with the Octopus Mastercard are deducted directly from your Octopus Wallet, and you have full control over how much to reload and spend online.

Why is it called Octopus Card?

The English name Octopus card was also selected from the naming competition. Coincidentally, the English name coincides with the number eight in the Chinese name, since an octopus has eight tentacles. The logo used on the card features a Möbius strip in the shape of an infinity symbol.

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How do I use my Octopus Card in Hong Kong?

Hold the Octopus Card close to the card reader on a turnstile in the MTR or ferry pier or at the counter in a supermarket, restaurant or cafe. In public transport systems, you just walk up to a gate or turnstile and hold the card until you hear a sound.

Can Tourist buy Octopus card?

You can purchase a Tourist Octopus (Sold version) via Ctrip when you plan and book your trip, and pick it up at Ctrip’s designated counter at Hong Kong International Airport.

What do I do if I find an Octopus card?

Upon receiving Octopus card found by the public, the Police will try to locate the card owner with the information available and return the card to the card owner. In case the card owner cannot be found, the Police will hand over the card to OCL.

Who owns Octopus card in Hong Kong?

Octopus Cards Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Octopus Holdings Limited. Established in 1994 under the name of “Creative Star” by the major transportation companies in Hong Kong, Octopus Cards Limited is the operator of the Octopus System and the issuer of Octopus.

How long does it take to get an Octopus card?

Your new Personalised Octopus will be sent to you within 10 working days. Please bring the new card along with the accompanying letter to the Customer Service Centre of any MTR station for activation. (MTR will collect the signed activation letter from you.)

How much is it to buy an Octopus?

Prices range from $20 to $1,000—with the bulk of pet octopuses priced between $30 and $100 as of January 2013. A 70-gallon tank—which is not an unusual choice for octopus enthusiasts wanting to provide their pet with plenty of room to roam—costs about $300.

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What can you buy with Octopus?

In convenience stores you can use it to buy snacks, drinks, SIM cards, and even alcohol and cigarettes—a freedom that many tourists find interesting. Most restaurants, cafes and bars also accept Octopus, as well as clothing stores. Even vending machines selling stamps at the post office accept Octopus!

Does Octopus card expire?

Octopus cards don’t have an expiry date, but after 1,000 days of no value being added to the card it becomes deactivated, requiring you to visit a MTR Customer Service Centre to have it reactivated free of charge.

Who invented Octopus card?

Paul Chan Mo-lim and his team designed and implemented the automatic payment collection system over 35 years. A symbol of the city’s innovative side and efficiency, the Octopus card has impressed locals and visitors to Hong Kong alike since its debut almost two decades ago.

How do I check the balance on my Octopus card?

Download the Octopus App on your mobile device to enjoy the following online services, anytime and anywhere: Check the remaining value, the latest transaction records and other information for an Octopus card or Octopus Mobile SIM.