What is called girlfriend in Chinese?

女朋友 [nǚpéngyǒu] {noun}

What do Chinese lovers call each other?

Common Chinese Nicknames for Your Loved Ones

For Male For Female
老头子lǎo tóu zi (Old man) 老婆子lǎo po zǐ – Old Woman
宝宝bǎo bɑo- Babe; Honey; Baby 妞妞niū niū – Little girl
小心肝Xiao xin’ gang – Little sweet heart 小宝贝xiǎo bǎo bèi – baby
哥哥Ge ge – brother 妹妹Mei mei – Sister

How do you call a girl pretty in Mandarin?

3: 你真漂亮!

“You’re really beautiful!” One of the most common (and generic) ways to compliment a woman on her appearance in Mandarin.

What is romantic in Chinese?

[person] 浪漫的 (làngmàn de)

What are cute nicknames?

14 cute English nicknames

Nickname Kids SOs (Significant Others)
Cuddle bunny
Cutie patootie

What Chinese name means love?

Ai is a very popular and pretty much the most beautiful Chinese name for your adorable princess, it is pronounced as eye and means ‘love’.

How do you say Girl in Chinese?


  1. (= child) 女孩 (nǚhái) (个(個), gè) (= young woman) 姑娘 (gūniang) (个(個), gè) ⇒ She’s a good-looking girl. 她是个漂亮的姑娘。 (Tā shì gè piàoliang de gūniang.)
  2. (= daughter) 女儿(兒) (nǚ’ér) (个(個), gè) ⇒ She has two girls and a boy. 她有两个女儿和一个儿子。 (Tā yǒu liǎng gè nǚér hé yī gè érzi.)
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How can I impress a Chinese girl?

Don’t go overboard in your bid to impress the woman. Be real and honest because that is the best way to win her heart. Keep in mind that honesty is a vital part of Chinese dating. Maintain honesty from day one and don’t encourage even one shred of pretense in order to impress her no matter how tempting it might get.