What is Dabian in Chinese?

What does Dabian mean in Chinese?

dá biàn. to reply (to an accusation) to defend one’s dissertation. 大便 dà biàn. to defecate excrement feces.

What does TA Pian meaning?

Chinese English Pinyin Dictionary

Search with English, Pinyin, or Chinese characters. 拓片 tà piàn. rubbings from a tablet.

What is Da Bian in English?

dà biàn. to defecate excrement feces. Example Usage Strokes. 大便干燥 Trad.

What does Jie Dao mean Mandarin?

jiē dào. to receive (letter etc) Example Usage Strokes. 街道 jiē dào.

What does defecate mean in medical terms?

Movement of feces (undigested food, bacteria, mucus, and cells from the lining of the intestines) through the bowel and out the anus. Also called defecation.

What is Pian in Chinese?

騙 piàn. to cheat to swindle to deceive to get on (a horse etc) by swinging one leg over.

What does sub district mean?

subdistrict. / (ˈsʌbˌdɪstrɪkt) / noun. a smaller part of a larger area marked off for administrative or other purposes.

Is sub district one word?

Since sub is a prefix, it must be connected to the word, at least by a hyphen. So sub district is out. … Dictionary.com and Merriam-Webster have their entries without a hyphen (subdistrict).

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