What is DUI in Chinese language?

What is hao de In English?

The combination hǎo de 好的 can simply be used to mean “okay”. So if you’re buying some dirty street food in China and your respectable vendor points at the chilli you can say “hao de” (I’m assuming everyone likes chilli here) hǎo de can also be used like a more informal “thanks”, or “cheers” as we say in Britain.

How do you write a dui bu qi in Chinese?

I Have Wronged You!

There are many ways to say “sorry” in Mandarin Chinese, but one of the most common and versatile phrases is ►duì bu qǐ. It means “sorry” in the sense that you have wronged someone and want to apologize. The phrase consists of three characters in traditional Chinese: 对不起 (對不起.

What is dui bu qi?

Dui bu qi, Say Sorry in Chinese.

What does DUI De mean in Chinese?

对答 Trad. 對答 duì dá to reply to answer response reply. Example Usage Strokes.

What is xie xie ni?

Chinese term or phrase: xie xie ni. English translation: thank you.

What is Zaijian in Chinese?

see you (later)

What is bu hao yi si?

‘Bu hao yi si’ (pronounced ‘boo-how-eee-suh’) is certainly THE word that you need to understand when traveling in Taiwan. Literally, it means ‘sorry to slightly bother you’ but the usage of this phrase is SO vast, from apologizing, getting a waiter’s attention to even when receiving a gift.

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What does Ren Ci mean in English?

rén cí benevolent charitable kind kindly kindness merciful.

What is shi bu shi?

shì bù shì is or isn’t yes or no whether or not. Example Usage Strokes. 时不时 Trad. 時不時