What is Guangzhou most known for?

In modern commerce, Guangzhou is best known for its annual Canton Fair, the oldest and largest trade fair in China. For three consecutive years (2013–2015), Forbes ranked Guangzhou as the best commercial city in mainland China.

What was Guangzhou previously known as?

Guangzhou is the capital and the sub-provincial city of Guangdong Province in southern mainland China. The city was formerly known internationally as Canton City or simply Canton, after a French language transliteration of the name of the province in Cantonese.

What is the most famous dish in Guangzhou?

Dim sum is the most well-known Cantonese dish around the world, and it’s not hard to see why. A straightforward dish generally composed of steamed or fried dumplings, it’s served as a snack or main course in small steamer baskets or on little plates.

What does Guangzhou produce?

Automobiles, electronics, and petrochemicals are the main three pillar industries of Guangzhou. These three industries’ combined output value account for 55.5 percent of the city’s total GDP.

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Why do people go to Guangzhou?

Thousands of travelers come to Guangzhou for the wonderful scenery in this large metropolis, but also the authentic and tempting Yue Cuisine, and the local culture, like Cantonese Opera. Being the most important port on the Pearl River after Hong Kong, Guangzhou boasts convenient ferry transport to Hong Kong and Macau.

What makes Guangzhou a global city?

Guangzhou today may be the best place in the world to investigate low- end globalization because it is the metropolitan hub of Guangdong Province and the Pearl River Delta, China’s industrial heartland, and is the central metropolis in the world where the goods of low- end globalization are bought and sold.

What is the history of Guangzhou?

The city was first named Guangzhou in 226, when the Wu state of the Three Kingdoms (Sanguo) period set up a prefecture named Guangzhou there. During this period the city grew in wealth and population as an important trade port in southern China.

Is Guangzhou the same as Guangdong?

About Guangzhou

Satellite view is showing Guangzhou, third largest Chinese city behind Shanghai and Beijing, it is the capital of Guangdong province of the People’s Republic of China. It is an inland port city located in the Pearl River delta in south-central of mainland China.

What is the eating custom in Guangzhou?

The main meal of the day can be at noon, midafternoon, or evening. It is based on a large amount of cooked rice. With this, typically, one finds a steamed dish and a stir-fried dish, and perhaps another steamed dish. Steamed fish and stir-fried vegetables would be a typical combination.

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What is the culture in Guangzhou?

Guangzhou is the center of Cantonese culture along the Pearl River and the most outstanding of Lingnan Culture. The Cantonese dialect, Cantonese Opera, Lingnan calligraphy, art schools, architecture, miniascape, Cantonese cuisine, as well as music and handicrafts are all included in its scope.

How old is Guangzhou?

Located on the Pearl River about 120 km (75 mi) north-northwest of Hong Kong and 145 km (90 mi) north of Macau, Guangzhou has a history of over 2,200 years and was a major terminus of the maritime Silk Road, and continues to serve as a major port and transportation hub, as well as one of China’s three largest cities.

Is Macao part of China?

What Is Macau SAR, China? Macau, like Hong Kong, is a special administrative region (SAR) of greater China that operates under the “One Country, Two Systems” principle. Similar to Hong Kong, the One Country, Two Systems policy allows Macau broad but limited autonomy in most of its governing and economic activities.

What do they speak in Guangdong?


Guangdong Province 广东省
• Ethnic composition Han – 99% Zhuang – 0.7% Yao – 0.2%
• Languages and dialects Cantonese and other Yue languages, Hakka, Teochew, Leizhou Min, Tuhua, Mandarin, Zhuang, Yao
ISO 3166 code CN-GD

What is the meaning of the Guan Ju face makeup of China?

Thus “Guan ju” takes joy in obtaining a pure young lady as a mate for the lord and is anxious to present her worth. She is not wanton in her beauty, is sorrowful about seclusion while longing for those of worth and talent without feeling injured by their excellence. This is the meaning of “Guan ju”.

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Why is Guangzhou called Canton?

Why is Guangzhou also known as Canton? Guangzhou has served as a doorway for foreign influence since the 3rd century CE and was the first Chinese port to be regularly visited by European traders, who called it Canton.