What is the EU strategy on China?

The EU Strategy on China states that that the EU’s engagement with China will be principled, practical and pragmatic, staying true to its interests and values. The EU’s approach is based on a positive agenda of partnership coupled with the constructive management of differences.

Why does the EU support China?

The EU aims to work with China to open its market for more investment from the EU. A common framework of norms and standards is also central to a prospering economic relationship, for example with regard to intellectual property rights or food and consumer product safety.

Does the EU have a trade deal with China?

In December 2020, the European Union and China announced that they reached an investment deal that was first launched in 2013, referred to as the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI). … In May 2021, the European Commission announced plans to reduce dependence on China in strategic areas of the economy.

What is the European strategy?

The European Commission’s priorities include the European Green deal, a digital future, an economy that works for people, promoting and strengthening European democracy.

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How much does the EU rely on China?

Based on this definition, in 2019 the EU was strategically dependent on China for 659 of the over 5,600 product categories defined by the United Nation’s Comtrade database (see exhibit 3). These account for 43 percent of total imports by value from China.

What items did China want from the European world?

They were getting goods in return, such as silk, porcelain, and later especially tea.

Is the EU a superpower?

While the EU is a superpower in the sense that it is the largest political union, single market and aid donor in the world, it is not a superpower in the defence or foreign policy spheres.

What does Europe import from China?

In 2020, EU imports of manufactured goods (98 %) also had a higher share than primary goods (2 %). The most imported manufactured goods were machinery & vehicles (54 %), followed by other manufactured products (38 %) and chemicals (6 %). Figure 7: EU trade with China by product group, 2010 and 2020 (EUR billion)

How much more does the European Union export than import?

Goods exports totaled $268 billion; goods imports totaled $452 billion. The U.S. goods trade deficit with The EU 27 was $184 billion in 2019. Trade in services with the EU 27 (exports and imports) totaled an estimated $346.2 billion in 2019.

What is one of the most profitable products traded through China and Europe?

Silk was the favorite product along the Silk Road. Chinese silk was regarded as a treasure in ancient Central Asia, West Asia, Africa, and Europe. The European market had the biggest demand for silk and Chinese silk was highly appreciated in Europe.

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How is the European Union funded?

The EU’s sources of income include: contributions from member countries; import duties on products from outside the EU; a new contribution based on non-recycled plastic packaging waste; and fines imposed when businesses fail to comply with EU rules.

What is EU industrial policy?

EU industrial policy is specifically aimed at: (1) ‘speeding up the adjustment of industry to structural changes’; (2) ‘encouraging an environment favourable to initiative and to the development of undertakings throughout the Union, particularly small and medium-sized undertakings’; (3) ‘encouraging an environment …

What is Europe doing about climate change?

At least 55% fewer greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

The EU has adopted ambitious legislation across multiple policy areas to implement its international commitments on climate change. EU countries have set binding emission targets for key sectors of the economy to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions.