What is the meaning of Tamen in Chinese?

How do you write Tamen in Mandarin?

English translation of 她们 ( tamen / tāmen ) – they in Chinese.

What does Yu Jia mean in Chinese?

yù jiā all the more even more further. 瑜珈 yú jiā

What does Jia Yan mean?

(polite) my father.

What does the name Tamen mean?

The name Taman is primarily a gender-neutral name of Indonesian origin that means Garden.

What is Shei in Chinese?

shei : who, also pr.

How do you encourage someone in Chinese?

Expressions of Encouragement in Chinese

  1. 加油! jiāyóu – Come on!
  2. 你行的! nǐ xíng de – You can do it!
  3. 相信你自己! xiāngxìn nǐ zìjǐ – Believe in yourself!
  4. 不要放弃! bù yào fàng qì – Don’t give up!
  5. 不要灰心! bùyào huīxīn – Don’t lose heart!
  6. 慢慢来! màn man lái – Take your time!
  7. 你可以的! nǐ kěyǐ de – You can do it!
  8. 我相信你可以的!

What is Jia Yu in English?

jià yù to urge on (of horse) to drive to steer to handle to manage to master to dominate. Example Usage.

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