What was a significant response to imperialism in China?

Overwhelmed by the Western military response, the Chinese were humiliated by having to pay reparations and allow concessions to the Western powers that effectively denied them control over their own country.

What was the response to imperialism in China?

What were responses to imperialism in China? One response was the open door policy brought about by US concerns over spheres of influence. Another response was the Boxer Rebellion, an internal response to the presence of foreigners in China.

What was the impact of imperialism on China?

Imperialism in China had a negative effect on both the economy and the well being of the chinese population through uprisings (public instability), opium, and trade disadvantages for the Chinese.

How did Chinese People react to the growing influence of Westerners in China?

How did the people of China react to the growing influence of Europeans in China? They tried to introduce western ideas, but many Chinese resisted reform. … Too little reforms were made too late in China. Therefore, A new Chinese republic was made.

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How did China react to European exploration?

Describe how and why China and Japan reacted to European explorers/traders. … The Chinese had just driven out the Mongols and didn’t want Europeans to threaten the peace and prosperity that the Ming, the new dynasty, had brought them. As a result, the Chinese trade policies reflected isolation.

What were the effects of imperialism in Asia?

Impact of Imperialism on Southeast Asia

Education, health, and sanitation improved. Millions of people, from different ethnic groups, changed the racial makeup of Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia became a melting pot of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists. Racial and religious tension still exists today.

Why did the US want to Imperialize China?

At first, the American interest in China was economic. Americans were looking for new markets to buy goods, as the British refused to deal with Americans. … The United States signed a treaty to encourage Chinese immigration and guaranteed them protection from discrimination.

What happened after imperialism China?

-Communism: After one of China’s many rebellions, China became a communist nation which was greatly beneficial to China’s government. … The Chinese population’s craving for capitalism is likely due to foreign influence. This would be foreign influence stemming from the period of imperialism.

How did the coming of Westerners affect the Chinese economy?

What ways did the coming of Westerners affect the Chinese economy? By introducing modern means of transportation. By 1925 many urban, middle-class Chinese people… Embraced Western art and literature.

What steps did Chinese emperors take to reduce foreign influence in China check all that apply?

Chinese emperors pursued a policy of “isolationism,” or sealing off the empire to reduce foreign influences that they thought were negative. They had no interest in European manufactured goods. They limited trade to just one port along the along the coast.

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