Which instruments can be heard in Cantonese opera productions?

In China, however, Cantonese opera performances — particularly from the 1930s through the 1960s — have often featured a blend of traditional Chinese and western musical instruments, including electric and slide guitars, violins, saxophones and conga drums.

What instruments do they use in Chinese opera?

Traditional Chinese string instruments used in Chinese Opera include:

  • Gaohu.
  • Erhu.
  • Pipa.
  • Sanxian.
  • Yangqin.
  • Yueqin.
  • Jinghu.
  • Jing erhu.

What are the elements of Cantonese opera?

Thus, music, singing, martial arts, acrobatics and acting are all featured in Cantonese opera. Most of the plots are based on Chinese history and famous Chinese classics and myths. Also, the culture and philosophies of the Chinese people can be seen in the plays.

What are the instruments used in Peking opera?

The Music of Beijing Opera

The chief musical instruments being jinghu (a two-stringed bowed instrument with a high register), yueqin (a four-stringed plucked instrument with a full-moon-shaped sound box), Sanxian (a three-stringed plucked instrument), Suona horn, flute drum, big-gong, cymbals, small-gong, etc.

What is the function of percussion instruments in Cantonese opera?

The percussion controls the overall rhythm and pace of the music, while the gaohu leads the orchestra.

What is the Chinese instrument that sounds like a violin?

The Sonorous Strings of the Erhu : NPR. The Sonorous Strings of the Erhu It sounds almost like a violin, but not quite. The erhu is a traditional Chinese two-string instrument, played with a bow. Virtuoso soloist Ma Xiaohui demonstrates how to finesse music out of it.

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What is Chinese opera called?

Peking opera, or Beijing opera (Chinese: 京剧; pinyin: Jīngjù), is the most dominant form of Chinese opera, which combines music, vocal performance, mime, dance and acrobatics.