Why are Brad Pitt and Bieber banned from China?

Brad Pitt has been reigning over not just Hollywood but has become the leading star all across the globe. … This didn’t come to an end until 2016 when Pitt’s film Allied came out and the release in China lifted the ban off the actor because of it being partially financed by the Chinese company Huahua Media.

What did Justin Bieber do to China?

He started using drugs and alcohol, and soon he was running into trouble with friends, neighbors, and the law. According to Harper’s Bazaar, in 2017, Bieber was in the middle of a global tour when the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture released a statement, making it clear that he was no longer welcome in China.

What countries did Brad Pitt not enter?

Brad Pitt- His partner and fiancé Angelina Jolie may have gone to China recently to promote her latest film Maleficent, but that is not the case with Brad Pitt. The Hollywood heartthrob known for his cinema and films that are true to his heart, has been banned from China.

Is BTS banned in China?

Chinese social media giant Weibo has banned a fan club of popular South Korean K-pop band BTS from posting for 60 days, saying it had raised funds illegally, days after photographs of a customised aeroplane funded by the fan club were posted online.

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Why is Justin Bieber blacklisted?

Bieber’s past instances of “bad behavior” got him barred from China in July 2017. The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture wrote, “In order to maintain order in the Chinese market and purify the Chinese performance environment, it is not suitable to bring in badly behaved entertainers.” Oops, sorry, Biebs.

Which music artist is banned from China?

Li Zhi (born November 13, 1978) is a mainland Chinese music artist who was banned from People’s Republic of China in April 2019.

Li Zhi (singer)

Li Zhi
Born November 13, 1978 Jintan, Jiangsu
Occupation Singer
Years active 1995–2019
Chinese name

Why is Brad Pitt always snacking in movies?

In the interview, Pitt revealed that he likes to nibble here and there. “I like to busy myself, I’m a grazer by nature,” he said. He went on to explain that there was actually some thought put into why he is always eating in the “Ocean’s” movies. … Pitt just does it better than the rest of us.

Who got banned from China?

This so happened with Hollywood’s musical sensation Selena Gomes, Katy Perry and superstar Brad Pitt as all these three well-renowned personalities are banned in China.

Why is Google banned in China?

Google, Facebook and Twitter are all blocked in China due to the country’s Great Firewall. They can usually only be accessed via virtual private networks or VPNs.

Is Blackpink banned in China?


The sanctions imposed on the account came amid China’s campaign to clean up the entertainment industry and adhere to the “absurd” behavior shown by supporters.

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Why kpop is banned in China?

A group of K-pop fans in China have become the latest victims of a crackdown on celebrity culture. … Last week, two government agencies published guidelines saying they would ban broadcasts by “vulgar internet celebrities” and “feminine-looking men” because they do not portray the values the country wants to promote.