Why is exo lay in China?

According to a Reddit user, Lay was appointed as a publicity ambassador by the Communist Youth League of China (CYLC) of Changsha. Hence, he could have limited his activities with EXO. … Since Lay already has an outstanding solo career, SM Entertainment might be letting him continue down that path.

Is EXO Lay still in China?

On 17 February, Zhang made his last public appearance with Exo on the Hong Kong concerts of their world tour Exo Planet 3 – The Exo’rdium. He halted his activities with the group due to overlapping schedules with his solo career in mainland China.

Is Lay still part of EXO 2020?

Yes, Lay is still a member of EXO.

When did lay left EXO?

Lay has been a part of EXO since 2012 but he left the group in 2016. Following his departure from the group, he has made a name for himself with his work in movies like ‘Ex-Files 2’, ‘The Mystic Nine,’ ‘Kung Fu Yoga,’ and many more.

Is lay still in EXO 2021?

Lay did not return to active participation in Exo until 2021, although he contributed vocals to the Chinese version of their song “Tempo” in 2018. On May 26, 2021, Lay was reported to be returning to the group to take part in their special album, Don’t Fight the Feeling.

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Is Lay famous in China?

Lay is very popular in China but not as popular as Tao and LuHan. He stars in movies and is in tv shows. He has many music collaborations and has his own studio.

Who in EXO is married?

Chen announced his marriage to his non-celebrity girlfriend back in January 2020.

Is Chanyeol in the military?

Chanyeol enlisted in the military on March 29 as part of his mandatory duty as a Korean citizen. He will serve as an active duty soldier for 18 months. … Chanyeol, 28, became the fifth member of EXO to enlist in the military after Xiumin, D.O, Suho and Chen.

Why did lay quit EXO?

He is focusing more on his Chinese activities and is taking a break from following EXO’s schedule. Goodbye! Lay Zhang didn’t leave EXO. He is focusing more on his Chinese activities and is taking a break from following EXO’s schedule.

Is Baekhyun in the military?

K-pop boy band EXO member Baekhyun enlisted in the Korean military on his 29th birthday last May 6 and the army has released his photo together with other recruits. … He is the sixth member of EXO to enlist in the military after Xiumin, Suho, D.O., Chen and Chanyeol.

Is Chen coming back to EXO?

Chen: Born- 1992. Will also enlist in 2021 beginning/mid. Would return by end of 2022.

Is exo still popular?

You can’t compare their popularity as of now because half of the exo members are busy with military, while bts is really active. But exo still topping brand reputation in groups and winning awards even without a comeback tells us that their fanbase in korea is huge.

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Is Chen in military?

Chen enlisted in the Korean military on Oct. 26, 2020 and is expected to be discharged in April 2022. On April 24 this year, Chen and his wife held a party to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday at Hotel Shilla Seoul. He took a vacation from his military service for the occasion.