You asked: What makes Guangzhou unique?

Guangzhou is not only famous for foreign trade, but also one of China’s historical and cultural tourist cities and a famous hometown of overseas Chinese. Beautiful scenery and comfortable climate make Guangzhou a great place to visit. There are many historical sites. And it is also the food and shopping paradise.

What is so special about Guangzhou?

It’s China’s most important port

Situated on the Pearl River, Guangzhou has a maritime heritage stretching back over 2,000 years and its vast port is China’s main transport and trading hub. It was also one of the starting points of the old Silk Road, a trading route that stretched across Asia.

Why do we love Guangzhou?

Thousands of travelers come to Guangzhou for the wonderful scenery in this large metropolis, but also the authentic and tempting Yue Cuisine, and the local culture, like Cantonese Opera. Being the most important port on the Pearl River after Hong Kong, Guangzhou boasts convenient ferry transport to Hong Kong and Macau.

What makes Guangzhou a global city?

Guangzhou today may be the best place in the world to investigate low- end globalization because it is the metropolitan hub of Guangdong Province and the Pearl River Delta, China’s industrial heartland, and is the central metropolis in the world where the goods of low- end globalization are bought and sold.

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What is Guangdong known for?

Guangdong is known as China’s economic powerhouse. It has the largest and fastest-growing economy in terms of GDP among the 31 provinces and municipalities in the Chinese mainland. Guangdong is also home to the Pearl River Delta (PRD) Economic Zone and the Shantou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai Special Economic Zones.

What does Guangzhou produce?

Automobiles, electronics, and petrochemicals are the main three pillar industries of Guangzhou. These three industries’ combined output value account for 55.5 percent of the city’s total GDP.

What do you call people from Guangzhou?

Guangzhou is one of the most densely inhabited areas in China; most of its residents live in the central districts of the city. The local people, called Cantonese, speak the Cantonese language (Yueyu), which is distinctly different from the Mandarin spoken by most Chinese.

Is Guangzhou rich?

Guangzhou has 150,000 families with assets over 6 million RMB and 63,500 families with assets over 10 million yuan, ranking fifth in China on the 2017 Hurun Wealth Report. Guangdong province includes two of China’s largest cities, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. …

Is Guangzhou a big city?

7,434 km²
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