Your question: Are wages increasing in China?

Wages in China continue to increase, but at a slightly slower rate than before, according to newly released data. On May 19, 2021, the National Bureau of Statistics released wage data for 2020, showing that wages in China increased despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated economic impacts.

Why have Chinese wages been increasing?

The adjustments were part of China’s latest move to improve people’s well-being and increase personal incomes through multiple channels. “China will work to raise incomes among its low-income population and expand the size of its middle-income population.

Is Chinese labor getting more expensive?

Labor costs in China increased in the last few years. Higher labor costs make workers better off, but they can also impact businesses reducing profits, or the number of hours worked for example. Even with the increase of labor costs in China, the country remains competitive and the wage rate remains relatively low.

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What is the average wage in China 2020?

In 2020, an employee working for a non-private company or organization in urban areas of China earned around 97,400 yuan annually on average. That year, the year-on-year growth rate of the average salary ranged at 7.6 percent nominally and 5.2 percent real.

What is the average wage in China 2021?

The average salary also depends on several factors like education, industry domain, experience level, and sector (the public and private sectors). In China, the average monthly salary is 29,300 Yuan (Chinese Yuan), equating to USD 4,534 (US dollars) per month according to the exchange rate in July 2021.

Why is Labour so cheap in China?

Because of the high volume of materials and resins ordered by Chinese companies, the pricing would be as low as it could be. … Labor is abundant and cheap in China because even though 300,000 have risen into the middle class and above, this still leaves one billion people living at the poverty level.

Why is China’s minimum wage so low?

However, the growth rate of minimum wage levels decreased in 2016, reflecting the Chinese government’s effort to reduce pressure on enterprises resulting from the uneven growth between labor costs and production rates.

What country has the cheapest labor?


  1. UGANDA – $22 PER YEAR. 37,800,000 people inhabit this African state.
  2. GEORGIA – $96 PER YEAR. …
  3. CUBA – $108 PER YEAR. …
  4. KYRGYZSTAN – $181 PER YEAR. …
  5. BANGLADESH – $228 PER YEAR. …
  6. TANZANIA – $240 PER YEAR. …
  7. THE GAMBIA – $317 PER YEAR. …
  8. VENEZUELA – $361 PER YEAR. …
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How much does an average Chinese worker make?

The national average reached about 97,400 yuan in 2020. Aside from regional discrepancies, the respective industry had a large influence on the average annual salary of employees in urban China.

What is the minimum wage in China?

Effective Aug. 1, 2021, Beijing (Chinese) increased its monthly minimum wage to 2,320 yuan (U.S. $360.01) from 2,200 yuan (U.S. $341.39), the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau said. The bureau also said the hourly minimum wage increased to 13.3 yuan (U.S. $2.06) from 12.64 yuan ($1.96).

What is considered a high salary in China?

Those on salaries of 2,000 to 5,000 yuan (US$295 to US$740) a month were deemed “middle income”, while a “relatively high” monthly income was 5,000 to 10,000 yuan (US$740 to US$1,480). Anyone earning more than 10,000 yuan a month was in the “high income” group.

Is China a good place to live?

Yes, many expats, especially women, find living in China is much safer than in cities like London or New York. Street harassment and catcalling is virtually unheard of for foreigners, and streets tend to be well lit at night. Petty crime rates, particularly for foreigners, seem to be particularly low.

Is China a poor country?

In China today, poverty refers mainly to the rural poor, decades of economic development has reduced urban extreme poverty. Between 2000 and 2010, per capita income also rose by the same rate, from $1,000 to $5,000, moving China into the ranks of middle-income countries. …

How much do factory workers in China make an hour?

Salary Recap

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The average pay for a Factory Worker is CNY 48,671 a year and CNY 23 an hour in China. The average salary range for a Factory Worker is between CNY 37,986 and CNY 58,255. On average, a Less Than HS Degree is the highest level of education for a Factory Worker.

How much does a Chinese worker make per hour?

According to the 2021 data, the minimum hourly wage in China per hour is around $1.52. In like a month, a worker can earn up to $161.07. This rate varies depending on the city and provinces and their corresponding development. What is the living wage in China?

How much do foreigners earn in China?

In fact, I found the average salary for foreigners working in China is around 20,000 RMB per month, regardless of job. Whether you think this is a high or a low salary probably depends on where you’re coming from, your educational background and your expectations in China.