Your question: How long is a China work permit valid?

The necessary documents for this purpose are a valid passport and all documents relevant to the purpose of the application as well as a scan of fingerprints. The Public Security Bureau will issue the residence permit within 15 working days. The validity of a work-related Residence Permit lasts for one year.

How long is a Chinese work permit valid for?

(1) Work visa issued is usually with a single entry, valid for 3 months and with no duration of stay(that is 000 day of stay).

How do I renew my work permit in China?

To renew a work permit, a company must provide the labour bureau with a renewal application form along with the employee’s labour contract, passport, residence permit and current work permit. Applying for a new work permit under China’s recently revised system is much more costly and time consuming than renewing one.

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Is it hard to get a work permit in China?

Foreigners need a permit to legally work in China.

The process seems to be getting harder every year, but alas, it has to be done. No (legal) way around it if you firmly believe China is the place for you to earn a living.

What is Chinese work permit?

What is Foreigner’s Work Permit in China? … The former Foreign Expert Certificate and Permit for Foreign Employees are integrated into the Foreigner’s Work Permit. The Foreigner’s Work Permit represents the legal document for foreigners to work in China.

How long can foreigners stay in China?

Tourist visas are typically offered on a single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry basis with the duration of stay ranging from 30 days to 90 days. Citizens from the US and Canada may be eligible for multiple-entry L-Visas valid for 10 years.

How do I extend my residence permit in China?

Foreigners who need to prolong their stay in Beijing beyond the expiration of their visas should apply to the relevant authorities for an extension or replacement three days before the expiration date. The whole process of issuing the Residence/Visa/Stay permit will take 7 working days.

Can a residence permit be Cancelled in China?

Residence permits and category A work permits can’t be canceled while the applicant is out of China, as both processes require the original passport. In this case, the only option is to let permits expire naturally while the applicant is out of China.

How long does it take to get residence permit in China?

Applicants shall submit the primary documents as well as additional materials required to the Immigration Service Center of Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau, and the application will be processed within 90 working days (time for investigation is excluded if some items need to be …

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Is China issuing work visas?

China Work visa (Z Visa) is issued to those who have obtained employment permit and intend to work in China. A Chinese government issued working permit or employment license is required. Z visa is usually issued for one entry with duration of stay of 000 (means to be determined).

Can you get a Chinese work visa without a degree?

The short answer is YES you can get a visa without a BA but it will not be easy. In some cases it’s impossible now. Shanghai will NOT hire without a BA so you will need to figure it out.

How much is a Chinese working visa?

The whole process will take 10-15 working days (with regular service) and the price will be £210, or with express service (6-7 working days) the price will be £330 (See more details here).

Can foreigners work in China?

According to the Exit and Entry Administration Law of China, foreigners who want to work in China should obtain a work permit and a work-type residence permit. Below is the general application procedure: Apply online from outside China for a Foreigner’s Work Permit Notice; … Acquiring the Resident Permit.

How long does it take to cancel work permit in China?

A former employer should apply for cancellation of a work permit within 10 working days from when an employment relationship ceases. So for past work, in most cases you can expect that the cancellation has already taken place.

How long does a Chinese work visa application take?

Processing Time

It usually takes 4 working days for processing. For example, you submit application on Monday and then you can pick up your visa on Thursday. An additional US$ 30 is charged for one working day processing, and US$ 20 for 2-3 working day processing.

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How can I check the status of my work permit in China?

To check the status of your application, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs’ official WeChat account (ID: wgrlhfw) by extracting the QR code below:
  2. Click “企业服务” (Business services), followed by “进度查询” (Service inquiry).