Frequent question: Is IQOS legal in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong bans sale of e-cigarettes and other heated tobacco products but personal use still allowed.

Can I bring my IQOS to Hong Kong?

Can I bring my vape to Hong Kong? No. Vaping is still not legal in HK. You cannot buy/sell e-cigarettes in HK.

Can I bring IQOS to China?

These products are regulated in China as tobacco products and none of IQOS (and Heets), GLO (including Neo Sticks and iFuse), and Ploom (including Mevius) have a tobacco license from the Chinese government so they are therefore all illegal to sell in China.

Can you bring Juul to Hong Kong?

In case you are bringing vape or e-cigarettes to Hong Kong, non-nicotine liquids are free to go. You can take vape to Hong Kong, given that it does not contain any nicotine substance. E-cigarette smoking is not acceptable in non-smoking areas.

Is smoking legal in Hong Kong?

Tobacco smoking in Hong Kong has declined in recent decades, with 10 per cent of Hong Kongers smoking on a daily basis as of 2017. It is the policy of the Hong Kong government to discourage smoking. Smoking is banned in most public places and tobacco advertising is prohibited.

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Can I smoke IQOS on plane?

IQOS is an electronic device with a battery, therefore it must be only in your pocket or carry-on baggage. … IQOS is banned on the plane as well as other electronic cigarettes. You often ask whether smoke detectors will detect it.

Can I bring IQOS to Malta?

No as they are illegal, illegal means illegal to buy or bring into the country.

Can I smoke IQOS in Thailand?

By the looks of it, they are considered electronic cigs and are illegal there.

Why is IQOS banned in Singapore?

One reason for Singapore’s ban is that the authorities are choosing to take a moral stand: that allowing e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn tobacco products can be seen as condoning nicotine addiction and addiction is sufficiently heinous to outweigh the benefits of reduced smoking.

Is IQOS illegal in Thailand?

Summing up, yes, IQOS is illegal in Thailand.

Is vape legal in HK?

Hong Kong bans sale of e-cigarettes and other heated tobacco products but personal use still allowed.

Can you bring a vape to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has a near-total ban on vaping and nicotine is classified as a Part I poison, meaning its import into the country is illegal. You can still vape in Hong Kong provided you are doing it in areas designated for smoking and your are vaping zero-nic e-liquid.